Adam Ezra @ Martin’s in Roanoke

Now that I’m hard at work on the sequel to ENCHANTED, there are quite a few things that have moved to the back burner…like fixing up pictures and posting blog entries (the stuff of which keeps popping up in tabs everytime I refresh my browser and driving Joe nuts).

So I promised the Fairy Godboyfriend tonight that I’d FINALLY get together my pics from the Adam Ezra Group Full Moon Show at Martin’s in Roanoke on December 10th. There aren’t too many, but they are officially up in the Picasa album here. We had a wonderful time. As always!

The piece de resistance was when Adam and the boys dedicated a song to a fairly tipsy young girl named Casey, who was celebrating her birthday. Shame on us for not pressing record AT THAT MOMENT, but Joe was pretty quick on the uptake and captured the rest of it for posterity.

It STILL cracks me up. So fabulously perfect.

Enjoy! I hope you all have a FABULOUS weekend. xox

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If a writer plans to include a significant other in her life, this person needs to understand a LOT. It helps if this person is an avid reader. It helps if this person already has friends who are crazy, emotional, melodramatic, workaholic writers. It helps if this person is internet or technologically savvy. It helps if this person is perfectly okay being in the same room while the person they love is on a completely different planet. It helps if this person is realistic and sane and patient, if only when you need them to be.

The Fairy GodBoyfriend is all these things. He is my Touchstone.

Last night, after the Fairy Gooddaughters went to bed, I told FGB that we needed to talk. He was probably scared to death. Which he really shouldn’t be, because by now he should know that my very serious discussion are usually about things like “Which pancake recipe would go best with blueberries?” or “Should I put the plants outside before we go to your parents’ for the weekend?” But last night I had a dilemma, and I needed his help.

You guys know I have this huge list of things to do. I love my lists. I always have a list. If I ever find myself idle, I just go back and refer to the list. There is *always* something to do. I am never bored. But the list I’m working on now seems to have 5 or 6 things on it that all seem like Very Important Things to Do. The problem with all of those Very Important Things to Do is that one is not quite sure where to start digging first. So I laid them all out for him and asked him his thoughts on what my priorities should be.

Not only did he have an answer, he had a very good reason for that answer, and I went to bed with a plan of attack for the next day. I like having plans. Almost as much as I like having lists.

Thanks, sweetie, for being my tether back down to earth.

Now if you all will excuse me, I have a shower and a load of work to do today. FGB’s going to be checking in on me soon expecting a progress report. Have a good Monday!

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Blossoms & BBQ

We had a great time with Dickie & Mandy last night. The arrived around 3pm, thus forcing me to stop cleaning and have fun. (Hooray!) We chatted for a while with refreshment, discussing what to do before our 9pm reservations at Hill Country (and the sekrit Adam Ezra performance). Nobody seened to care, so when Joe asked for my vote I didn’t hesitate in recommending Georgetown.

It was the most beautiful day we had all year. 75 degrees with a breeze and fantastic. Traffic wasn’t even that bad. We walked down by the water, back up M street past the crazy line for DC Cupcakes, and then back down to the water again for more refreshment.

There aren’t any leaves on the trees yet, but some of the blossoms are blooming. The Potomac was filled with rowing teams and private crafts and port authority skiffs. The sunset was lovely, and the full moon rose big in the east. And right around 7:30, we headed into the city to find parking before the show. We found a huge garage only three blocks from the restaurant with no problem. There was a huge line at the restaurant…thank goodness for reservations! They let us in early, and gave us choice seating downstairs, right in front of the stage (and the speakers).

It was an amazing show. The food was finger-licking good. Sitting next to the speakers turned out to be a great thing, since many people still felt pressed to try and converse over the music. The band played in three sets with breaks in between, which was awesome, because then there was an opportunity to go check out the swag table and visit the restroom without feeling rude.

The room being what it was, the band just hopped off the stage and came out to mingle with the crowd. I coerced Joe into buying me a shirt (who denies a princess?). He gave me $20 and let me go check out the swag. So I’m looking at the t-shirts, deciding which one I want, and the guy next to me turns aorund and says, “Hey, how are you doing?” And it’s Adam.

“Hey! Thank you SO much for being here,” I started to say.

At which point he just gave me a huge hug. YES, I was a starry-eyes fan girl. Still am. Not ashamed one bit.

I explained to Adam that we’d tried to see him twice before when he came to the area and missed it for one reason or another. And we almost missed him THIS time, since he’s playing in Virginia tomorrow — which we found out about a week after we bought the Enter the Haggis tickets. (The show’s late, though, and close to the house, so we still might try and stop by.) I introduced him to Joe, bought my shirt and had it signed by everyone. All the guys are great. Mandy & Dickie got some CDs and had them signed too. It’s just really hard not to love this band. Especially since their songs are amazing.

For the very last song of the night, Adam and the boys went unplugged and came out into the almost-empty restaurant. Adam sat on a table with his guitar; Turtle grabbed a chair and used the table top like his bongos. And we all sang–of all songs–John Denver’s “Country Roads.”

Mom and Dad probably don’t realize I remember this, but back in Vermont, when I was about four or five, we went to some event where everyone was welcome to sing along. Mom passed around typed pages with all of the song lyrics (which I could read, of course). My favorite song was “Country Roads.” Apart from all those British baby songs my grandmother taught us, “Country Roads” was the very first song I learned how to sing. It still has a special place in my heart. And never before have I seen a band EVER play it live.

You couldn’t have written a more perfect day. It’s the first time Mandy’s ever been to the states, and I was so glad we could show her a great time. I didn’t even mind driving back home through downtown DC. (The princess is always the designated driver.)

I did mind, however, that the parking garage was closed.

We walked around the block until we found a call box, which Joe used to exchange harsh words with some guy who hung up on him twice before calling us a cab from Falls Church. (Cabbies in metro DC have no idea where Ashburn is.) The verdict? We wouldn’t be able to get the car until 7am, and we had no desire to hang out in downtown DC for six more hours. So we took the cab home. Ugh. (That offer to write a story for someone for $80 is still on the table…just drop me a line.)

It’s always an adventure with me. But it was still an amazing night. And now I’m going to take a nice, long, hot shower and get ready for another one.

What are you all doing this weekend?

(Click on the pictures to see the rest of the “DC with Dickie & Mandy” album. More pics from today & tonight forthcoming…)

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Lucky Birthdays

Many customs say that it is lucky for a child to be born close to a parent’s birthday. This is a good thing, for my birthday is only three days after my fathers, and Soteria’s is four days after my mother’s.

Fourteen years ago, Fairy Goddaughter Ariell missed her father’s birthday by a mere seven minutes and seven seconds…so she must be the luckiest one of them all!

We celebrated to the nines yesterday, starting off the day with a delicious breakfast that included homemade blueberry pancakes and a present-opening ceremony that rivaled Christmas. (Around here, everybody gets presents!)

As Joe was cleaning up to take a birthday picture with Ariell in their new (and signed!) Collins River Logging t-shirts (if you haven’t seen Ax Men, you won’t know what this is), Joe Collins Himself gave my Joe a ring to wish him a Happy Birthday. It was so wonderful to hear his unmistakable voice on the phone, and such a joy to see Joe’s and Ariell’s smiles as they laughed and chatted. (Joe Collins is an incredibly nice guy. And I am the best girlfriend EVER.)

The last present of the day was a card for Ariell, in which I wrote some silly business and then signed it with the address to her new website…which is the geeky intarwebz equivalent of giving a girl a new car. Please pop by yourself and see the gorgeous design, her bio and publishing credits, and all the silly comments from her friends.

We bought glow-in-the-dark bracelets and Kassidy put together a playlist for the midnight dance party (the goal was to stay up until 12:07 and ring in Ariell’s birthday like the New Year) — but it was a very long day full of lots of shopping and even more fun and sleep beckoned. I wasn’t the only one losing consciousness, and to everyone’s grumpy chagrin, we went to bed. Kassidy says we should have had more coffee. She’s probably right.

But none of that changes the fact that yesterday was a wonderful day full of smiles, and today Ariell is one year older. Joe turned 41 yesterday and Ariell’s 14 today…it’s going to be a fabulous (and lucky) palindrome year!

I hope you are all having a similarly amazing weekend. xox

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Famous Last Words

I passed The FairyGodBoyfriend in the bathroom yesterday. I was leaving and he was coming in to take a shower. I patted him on the bum and said, “God, I love your butt” before taking my leave.

I promptly started picking up the bedroom and collecting laundry, which is a good thing to do when Joe is not present. As I was reaching for a sock hidden under the bed, I stumbled over a pair of shoes and caught myself before taking a nosedive into the desk.

I sat on the bed for a second to contemplate my near brush with death, and then went back in the bathroom to tell FGB what had happened and ask him a very important question.

Me: So if I had just died right then, and my last words were “God, I love your butt,” would you tell people?

Joe: Hell yes I would! I’d write it on your tombstone. “She loved my butt.”

Surely you can see why I’m head over heels in love with this man. I giggled over the prospect of my interesting tombstone while I tossed the laundry in the washer. When I returned to the bedroom, FGB was poring solemnly over the computer screen. “The lead singer of Ceann died in a car wreck earlier this week.”

Needless to say, my morbid sense of humor politely took its leave.

If you’re not familiar with Ceann and you like 1.) Irish music, 2.) drinking songs, 3.) hilarious and clever lyrics — well then, look a few of the songs up on YouTube. I recommend “Pretty on the Inside,” “Pittsburgh Makes Me Drunk,” and “Blame the Viking” for starters.

Some of you might remember, “Blame the Viking” was sort of our theme song for Necon 2009, the fateful weekend I met Dickie and Joe and Mary and Jack. In the past couple of years, we’ve changed the song’s title to “Blame Ron Dickie,” and altered the lyrics to reflect our favorite beloved Canadian drunkard. Joe will turn up the radio so the Fairy GodDaughters and I can belt it out on long trips and giggle mercilessly.

It is always a blow when such a brilliant, creative mind and enthusiastic heart leaves this world. It will be a while before hearing their songs on the iPod shuffle doesn’t make me mourn the loss of future songs we will never hear.

Thank you, Patrick Halloran, for the fun you gave us and the memories we made. I raise my glass of orange juice and make a toast to you: may whatever ends up on my tombstone be as clever as one of your songs.

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In Which The Fairy GodBoyfriend Makes Fun of the Publishing World

As you lovely folks may or may not know, the famous and lovable Fairy Godboyfriend (who sometimes answers to “Joe” or “Tomo”), used to have a very popular site on teh intarwebs known as Tomoview. What MST3K did for horrible movies, Joe did for horrible literature. (Though calling it “literature” is kind of a stretch.) Think slush pile horror stories…to the billionth degree.

Last year, Joe had too much on his plate to continue posting on the website, and he took it down. Things have finally calmed down, and he’s ready to jump back in the (very scary) deep end again. He has relaunched the site as a blog, which you can bookmark and/or follow by clicking this link.

Those not familiar with Joe’s site need to know: Most of the titles are in the horror genre. Not all subjectmatter is appropriate for all ages (or appropriate for some people in general). You may not enjoy Joe’s caustic sense of humor, and that’s okay. These are books published by actual people — both small press and large (but usually small). They are for put up sale and therefore public consumption. Joe’s site is living proof that you have no say over your baby once you put it out there. All its great parts and horrible parts are yours to own up to.

While I only review books that I enjoy on IGMS, Joe will only make comments on titles that stink…because they are funny. (I kind of hope he posts his secret review of the first chapter of Snooki’s book, because it was HILARIOUS.)

As a rule, I do not like laughing at people. But Joe makes me laugh and remember the very high standards to which I hold both myself and my writing.

Because on Tomoview, no one is safe.

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A Little Persuasion

The monthly Washington Romance Writers meeting is today. I’ve had it on my calendar and kept the forum digest in my Inbox so I don’t forget the wheres and whens — from 10:00 to 3pm today we will be discussing Jane Austen’s Persuasion.

I assumed that in the five allotted hours we’d be watching a version of the film and then having a discussion afterward. Not until I checked the email again to get directions at 8pm last night did I realize that it was requested that we read (or reread) Persuasion so that we might contribute to the discussion.


I joined WRW in November — the meeting in December was the holiday party, and I felt uncomfortable walking into a perfect stranger’s house and saying, “Hi, I’m the new girl. I’m here to eat your food.” I know they wouldn’t have minded….but I wasn’t feeling well and wasn’t thinking clearly, and I resorted to the introvert cop out of “I’ll go to the first proper meeting in January, so they can get to know me properly.”

Only now they’re going to get to know me as the girl who read the first three chapters of Persuasion last night while her Fairy GodBoyfriend was watching Gold Rush: Alaska.

I do adore Austen — the A&E version of P&P is my comfort food. But Pride & Prejudice is all I’ve ever read in book form. I would love to read them all, of course, and I fully intend to bring Austen’s complete works along with Rudyard Kipling’s when I get stranded on that deserted island with a never-ending supply of Lady Grey and SPF 50.

My friend Shannan pointed out that Persuasion was all about giving someone a second chance. I may point this out just for brownie points…

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Geek Joy

The Playstation Network has finally made Final Fantasy VII and IX available on Playstation Classics. I am in complete geek love.

The FairyGodboyfriend wonders if me killing bad guys all weekend constitutes me being technically “off the grid.”

You think about that a minute. I have some Materia to collect.

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