When I first saw the call for submissions for their “Little Red Riding Hood” themed issue, I knew I had to contribute. But I didn’t know how.

Hasn’t Riding Hood been done to death? How was I going to retell that? Most of all, how was I going to retell it and not have some sort of less-than-subtlesexual undertones like every other author on the block? Ugh. I hate that crap.

So I asked myself: How did I deal with Riding Hood in the Enchanted universe? Well, Jack Woodcutter played the savior in that particular tale. THE Jack Woodcutter, infamous hero of stories that every child of Arilland has heard since he or she could listen.

What would a young, impressionable, traumatized teenage girl do after being saved by such a man?

Why…she’d write him fan mail, of course.

The story grew itself from there.

Go read it!

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Enchanted Conversations

I had the good fortune of stumbling across a tweet a few months ago, advertising that Enchanted Conversations was accepting submissions for a “Little Red Riding Hood” themed anthology of fiction stories.

It was a wonderful discovery, because not only did I have a new place to submit to, but they also have a bunch of great stuff in the archives to read. All the issues have fairy tale themes. Why did I not know about this before? It’s a shame.

It’s even more of a shame now, since it’s been announced that the Little Red Riding Hood issue will be the last issue of Enchanted Conversations to be published. Thankfully all the stories are still archived, and hopefully they allĀ  will continue to be…including mine. That’s right! My story, called “Hero Worship”, will be featured in this final issue.

The Little Red Riding Hood issue will be published online at the new website ( and will feature these stories:

1) Gerri Leen, “Red is for Ritual”
2) Lissa Sloan, “Red Cape”
3) Jude Tulli, “What Big Eyes”
4) Sarah Hans, “Alive in the Wolf’s Belly”
5) Megan Engelhardt, “Untruths About the Desirability of Wolves”
6) Amanda C. Davis, “The Witch of the Wolfwoods”
7) Alethea Kontis, “Hero Worship”
8 ) Alexandra Seidel, “The Little Red Tarot”
9) James Tolan, “Red Grown”
10) Lorraine Schein, “Inside”
11) John Wiswell, “Wolf Slayer”

I’ll let you know when this goes live.

Hooray for fairy tales!

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