Calling All Junior Arborists

I was going through some old pics to post on my shiny new Facebook Fan Page, and I came across this one. It’s from the tree at Gypsy‘s house, located roughly halfway between Awesome Porch and Awesome Garage, and I love it. Its flowers look and feel like magnolia flowers (apart from being pink), but the leaves are soft and not waxy at all.

What is this tree? Does anyone know?

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So Full of It


Lee: So is “Chock Full o’Nuts” just nuts, or is it something with nuts?

Della: There are no nuts at all in it. It’s coffee.

Lee: Is it made with nuts?

Della: No.

Lee: Does it taste like nuts?

Della: Nope.

Lee: Then why is it “Chock Full?”

Della: I keep meaning to Google it and find out.

Lee: Hmm. I should blog about that.

Della: Yup.

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