‘Tis Better to Be Talked About

enchanted…than not talked about, my Mama Mitchell always said.

Over at whatchYAreading, Caitlin and Christine discuss their reactions to Enchanted.


Christine and I picked up Enchanted by Alethea Kontis because of how cute it sounded. And we were not disappointed! Fairy tales, family drama, political intrigue, and a dashing frog-prince. What’s not to love?


Find out what these ladies expected of Enchanted, what they got, and what they’d like to see in the future…

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I am video chatting today, at 2pm EST, with fellow Mermaids Avery Flynn and Robin Covington. Go here:

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Video Chat — For Real This Time!

A miscommunication last month over at Coffee Time Romance left Leanna Renee Hieber, Suzanne Lazear, and me watching tumbleweed in an empty online chatroom.

This Sunday at 2pm EST, fellow Mermaids Robin Covington, Avery Flynn and I are going to try it again…this time on video! We’re co-hosting (with Bewitching Book Tours), so there’s no mix-up. And there will be prizes…like a signed ARC of ENCHANTED!

Avery’s written up the deets for us here — be sure to spread the word. The more the merrier!


Have you ever wanted to see a Waterworld Mermaid in her natural habitat? Chat about books in the lagoon? Ask questions about our latest releases and upcoming novels?

Waterworld Mermaids Alethea Kontis, Robin Covington and Avery Flynn have some amazing news to share. We are co-hosting an hour-long Rockin’ Romance video chat at 2 p.m. this Sunday (March 11). Stop by  to talk books, music, and chocolate with us. In addition, I’m sure they’ll be some mancandy, writer gossip and some inappropriate language. (Hey, we’re Waterworld Mermaids, we’re known for our outrageous enthusiasm, not our decorum.)

We’ll be giving away a humongous gift basket to one lucky participant filled with signed copies of Up a Dry Creek by Avery Flynn and Enchanted by Alethea Kontis, an iTunes gift card, reading goodies and at least one box of your favorite Girl Scout cookies!

What’s that? You’re evil twin is planning to take over the world this Sunday by destroying all the bookstores on the Eastern shore so you can’t make the chat? Totally understandable. Leave a question or suggest a conversation topic in the comments below and you’ll be in the running for the Rockin’ Romance gift basket.

Participating in the video chat is easy. Just visit at 2 p.m. Sunday and follow the onscreen prompts. All you need is a a web cam, a love of romance novels and a sense of humor. We can’t wait to chat with you in the lagoon!

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Well, That’s Done It

About a month or so ago, I accidentally clicked on the “Facebook Chat” icon, putting myself out there in the intarwebs available for interaction. Within about 15 seconds, I had 10 people open chats with me. Seven of them were from people I hadn’t heard from in a long time, all of whom I wanted to talk to. Three were folks that were total strangers trying to hit on me.

This–coupled with the fact that I’m edging dangerously close to 3000 friends on my Facebook page–forced the decision to cave and go ahead and make an official “Fan Page”.

For the most part, it’s not going to be much different from my personal page. I can post just as much on there as I do on my personal one, and probably will. And I’m not going to do a massive purging of folks from my personal page — I’ve made a lot of new friends there and I’m always up for making more.

Instead, I’m going to slowly edge people out the door if they:
1.) Post on my wall just to promote themselves
2.) Send me a creepy stalker email
3.) Initiate a chat with me with the sole purpose of telling me how beautiful I am. (Send me a Tweet about it. There’s nothing much to chat about beyond “thanks.”)

I’m also going to stop adding friends I don’t know, willy-nilly. You can send me a personal message — tell me you’re a D-H fan, or that we met at a con, or that you’re an aspiring writer/reviewer/editor. If I’d met you at a party you’d tell me something about yourself, wouldn’t you? I’d totally ask anyway.

I’m also not going to massively spam folks asking them to add my fan page. That’s silly. I’ll promote it on my personal site, and here on my blog, and you’re welcome to share the link. It will grow, in time, as all things do.Ultimately, this is just one more way I’m easier to find. You’re welcome. It’s nice to meet you.

Link to the fabulous (and as of 5 minutes ago completely bare — guess what I’ll be working on this afteroon?) Facebook Fan Page: HERE.

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