Thank You, Examiner!

A lovely FOUR STAR review just in for AlphaOops: H is for Halloween— this one from The Examiner in Charleston, South Carolina.

Heather Keuhl, Charleston Paranormal Fiction Examiner (how would you like THAT on your business cards?) says: AlphaOops! H is for Halloween is an adorable book that parents and children will fall in love with. Each letter as their own personality, making it impossible not to love them. (Read the rest of the review here.)

And how much does it kick butt that AlphaOops is listed under “paranormal fiction”? That rocks almost as much as the review. SCORE!!

Thank you, Heather! It’s always extra special to see love from Charleston — and not just because my sister has a shop there. (But mostly.)

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Happy Almost-Spoleto!

It’s that time of year…time for Charleston’s annual Piccolo Spoleto Festival! It always starts on Memorial Day weekend — this year it runs from May 28th to June 13th.

The combination of historic Charleston’s old European charm and the world-class Spoleto Festival USA together produce a unique and impacting synergy for all who come to the city by the sea to experience this magnificent international multi arts festival. But what really adds the ingredient of magic to the mix is Piccolo Spoleto, which provides access to the festival for Every Person, especially children. Focusing primarily on artists of the Southeast region, Piccolo Spoleto is the perfect complement to the international scope of its parent festival and its 700 events in 17 days, transforms Charleston into an exhilarating celebration of performing, literary and visual arts. Piccolo Spoleto’s traditional program offerings include visual arts exhibits, classical music, jazz, dance, theatre, poetry readings, children’s activities, choral music, ethnic cultural presentations, crafts, and film.

I will be making an appearance at the Charleston Public Library booth at the Children’s Festival in Marion Square this Saturday. Click here for more details. I will have AlphaOops and H: is for Halloween to read, and there will be fun activity handouts, as well as everything else fun for the kids to do at a festival!

I love being in Charleston for Spoleto. It’s like coming home…

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Triangle Wins

Last night we went to a very strange venue to see Charles’ friend Lizzie Wright play. It was a very intimate show, meaning that we all ended up with musical instruments. I totally snagged the Triangle. Cause everyone knows: Triangle Man always wins.

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Made in Carolina

Soteria and Charles were recently featured in Skirt Magazine because they are Charleston’s Cutest Couple.

Look at this picture and tell me I’m wrong:

There’s a snippet of the article here. Bonus points to Charles for using “acci-purposely.” Kontis Sister assimilation is what that is. 🙂

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On Shopping

Yes, the curse of the post-Christmas-birthday Capricorn is that everyone–especially your Gemini mother–is all about taking advantage of post-Christmas sales on your behalf. For the ever-practical Capricorn, this presents a double-edged sword dilemma. On the one hand: bags full of free clothes you inevitably need at prices you won’t likely be able to beat the rest of the year in as few stores as possible. On the other hand: POST-CHRISTMAS SHOPPING??? ARE YOU CRAZY?!?

As we’re in downtown Charleston, and I had a targeted list of necessities, our choices were narrowed down to Mount Pleasant or the Tanger Outlet Mall. The Tanger Outlets are all set up like one of those newfangled outdoor malls, a veritable small city of shops connected by stone pedestrian walkways and lots of benches and fountains. The weather today was cloudy and 57. We voted the latter.

There’s a lot to be said for these types of malls for those of us with short mall-shopping-motivation spans. If the stores are too crowded, just step outside into the fresh air, where scads of dads with purses are scattered about, bent over their strollers and smart phones. The stores weren’t that crowded, and the “hallways” less so. It was actually a rather enjoyable experience. We went to three stores. I got everything I needed and then some (read: cute shoes!). Mom paid for two-thirds of it. Score.

Mom also pointed out that post-Christmas shopping is a good idea because we try on all those clothes and say to our mirrors, “Bleh! Time for that post-holiday diet!” She’s absolutely right. Bleh. But I’m still a happy Capricorn.

Because no matter how much weight I gain or lose, those shoes are still going to be cute.

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