New Videos

It’s been a busy week leading up the Florida move (I say, from a balcony window seat currently overlooking Niagara Falls) — I’ve posted lots of things all over the intarwebs, but I’ve been remiss about linking them on the blog.

So here you go!

Last Monday’s Fairy Tale Rant (remember, if you’d like to pitch in and donate $1 or more for every Fairy Tale Rant that gets posted, head over to my Patreon site and become a Patron of the Arts!)

I’ve also updated the Official ENCHANTED Book Trailer, so that it’s not just for last year’s SYNC program anymore. Please enjoy and share with new friends and fans!

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Beautiful by Gaslight

The lovely, haunting book trailer for Leanna Renee Hieber‘s Darker Still: A Novel of Magic Most Foul, coming in November!

Want more? Read the first 30 pages here!

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Immortal Saturday

Maybe it’s just the weather, but I’m in a very Octoberish mood this week. And so I bring to you this faboo-creepy book trailer of Nashville Gal J. T. Ellison’s The Immortals.

Does it creep you out? Let me know!

(And yes, in case you’re curious, the book is fabulous. Especially if you’ve ever lived in Nashville. You don’t need to have read any of her other books to enjoy this one. It’s a stand-alone crime.)

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