The Tour So Far, In Pictures

An incredibly grand photo essay of my adventures so far!

Do check back — I will be updating the album with my stops in GA and TN before I head home!

Just click on the photo to head to the Picasa Album. xox

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Notes From the Road

Things to remember for future book tours:

* Eat as well as you can. Stock the car with granola bars, gum, and water. Stay away from spicy foods. Salads are your friend.

* Once you reach your destination, drink even more water. Like, a gallon.

* It’s not enough to bring vitamins with you–you have to actually TAKE them as well.

* When you’re all keyed up and still need to sleep decently, Tylenol PM can be your friend. (Thank you, Laura.)

* At every book store, be sure to get a business card from the store and write the name of the staff you met on it. You may want to write them a thank you note later!

* You will notice your car. I forgot how much better my gas mileage is when not stuck in traffic around DC. I also realized that the squeaking in the front wheel has become much more pronounced. And now the hatchback door won’t open.

* Always own a hatchback, so that if the trunk door gets jammed, you can still crawl over the seat to rescue things.

* It’s a good idea to factor in a few days down time after the first 5 or so appearances, so you can rest and do things…like take your car to be fixed.

I am having a BLAST on this tour. I love meeting everyone. You have all been so wonderful and amazing! And if I haven’t met you yet, you can believe I’m looking forward to it!!!

Princess Alethea

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Alethea’s Last Hoorah Party

I’m leaving bright and early tomorrow and heading to my book signing at the Barnes & Noble in Cary, NC. (7pm)

But tonight, WE PARTY!

Please join me and one of my favorite bands — the Adam Ezra Group — tonight at Iota in Alexandria, VA!

I feel a deep need to share the music I love with the world. It’s a curse!

Tickets are $12, but there are no pre-sales (and therefore no Ticketmaster add-on charges). Come early and stay late! The show starts at 8:30.

If you’d like to check out the Facebook invite and see who’s going, click here.


If you happen to have any gently used shoes, please bring them along — the band is collecting donations for Soles4Souls. All along their spring tour they’ll be collecting shoes in their Love Basket to donate to those in need all around the world!

2832 Wilson Boulevard, Arlington, VA

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The HMH Bankruptcy [UPDATE]

I have just spoken to my dear fairy godmother at Houghton Mifflin Harcourt–she reassured me that this restructuring is actually cause for celebration, and so I would like to pass this reassurance on to you, my friends & family.

Things at this particular publisher have indeed been a mess ever since the Houghton Mifflin and Harcourt merger back in 2008, and this bankruptcy filing (which they are required to do by law) is the last step in resolving those issues, clearing the cobwebs, and moving onward with a stronger, more focused and united company.

Enchanted is not in danger in any way, nor will my blog or book tour plans change at all. We are moving ahead, full steam, into the sunrise.

So, no panic. No worries. Sally forth and purchase many copies. And, if we’re lucky, there will be official news of a sequel on the horizon.

Stay tuned! And thank you all so very much for your texts, tweets, emails, and phone calls of support. I love you all to pieces!! xox


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No Joke!

I couldn’t post this yesterday for fear of being thought an April Fool’s joke, but my father has graciously offered to match all monies donated into Princess Alethea’s Summer Book Tour Gas Fund!

Here’s the page for Take Two (though it looks like Take One is suddenly working again):

Whichever page you end up donating to, we will present my father with THE COMBINED TOTAL!

Please — throw in a few bucks, enter to win a one-of-a-kind designer necklace, and empty my dad’s wallet all at once!

You really couldn’t do a nicer thing for a gal.




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Raffle Necklace Stats

This gorgeous necklace Soteria and I are raffling off contains faceted chunks of light and dark Amethyst with sterling baby chains, complete with sterling clasp and extendable chain.

Measures from 16 1/2-19 inches on your neck (more chain can be added if necessary).

Want to win it? Click here and Chip In a couple of bucks!

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Win This Necklace!

[Edited again to add: Now that Paypal is fixed, Chip In seems to be broken, and the widget with the button for donating money has vanished.

You can always contribute to the fund straight to me through PayPal. My address is my email: akontis at gmail dot com.

You may also try the alternate Chip In page I have just set up here.]


Yesterday morning, on the way home from the gym, my sister called to tell me she had emailed me the picture of the necklace she will be donating on behalf of Dixie Dunbar’s Studio for the “Chip In for Gas on Alethea’s Summer Book Tour” raffle.

By the time I got home to check my mail there was another email, informing me that Paypal had “temporarily restricted” my account pending a series of verifications, password changes, and proofs of ID.

I’ve heard horror stories about this sort of thing in the past. I won’t lie: I was worried. I asked that no one contribute any more to the fund for the time being, and told Soteria that I would postpone posting the picture of the necklace until the issue was resolved.

Happily, late yesterday afternoon, the issue was resolved. We will speak no more of this.

We will, however, speak of this absolutely gorgeous necklace.

You can win this fabulous, unique, one-of-a-kind, handcrafted, purple necklace for as little as $1. That’s right, any amount, no matter how small, will get you entered to win this fantastic piece of artwork.

All you have to do is pop on by and Chip In a buck or two for gas money for my book tour through the Southern US this summer. That’s it! It’s just that easy!

Again, I thank you all so much in advance for whatever you are able to contribute. Believe me–right now I am possibly more aware than I ever have been before of just how much every little bit helps.


[Edited to add: If the winner of this raffle is a gentleman who would prefer a necklace for himself instead of a wife/girlfriend/etc, Soteria is willing to swap out this item for a man’s necklace. No other substitutions or exchanges are applicable.]

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Chip In for Gas!

I love this day and age when you can wish for something AND IT ALREADY EXISTS.

Why, just the other day, I was wishing there was a place like Kickstarter where I could set up a page and ask my friends if they’d like to help chip in for gas money on my Book Tour this summer.

Not half an hour later, I had my very own CHIP IN page, and $110 already in my gas fund. (THANK YOU, MY DEAREST FRIENDS!)

I estimate that gas will be about $500 for the trip. If this fund goes over $500, I will use the money to buy EVEN MORE SWAG to give away at my booksignings.

Soteria has also sweetened the pot this morning — anyone who Chips In a bit of cash — even if it’s only a couple of bucks — will be entered to win an original necklace from Dixie Dunbar Studio.

So what are you waiting for? Throw a few bucks in the tip jar. And I’LL SEE YOU THIS SUMMER!!


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