Anthology Builder Interview

Anthology Bulder is this really cool website, created several years ago by my friend & fellow Codexian Nancy Fulda.

For only $14.95, you can create your own anthology from a vast archive of previously published stories form your favorite authors…or authors you’d like to try out. Going to a convention? Create a custom anthology of guests who will be there and get them to sign it…like Nancy did for Nebula Awards Weekend this year.

It’s the Mixed CD of print-on-demand short story collections. And the best part? Every time you choose an author’s story, they get a royalty.

I have enough short stories on Anthology Builder to even have a small, little-known collection of my own — Magic and Monsters.

But my stories crop up on other Tables of Contents from time to time — most recently, my infamous vampire little mermaid story “Blood and Water” (with pirates!) was included in the featured anthology From the Shadows.

Jim Fox asked me a few brief questions about the story (and a few other fun tidbits) to post over on the Anthology Builder blog.

Do be sure to click on over and drop by…especially if you don’t know what Charlie’s real name is…

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IGMS Awards Antho FREE on Amazon!

That’s right, ladies and gentlemen — from Saturday, March 24 through (and including) Monday, March 26th, the e-book version of the InterGalactic Medicine Show Awards Anthology, Vol. I will be absolutely positively FREE ON AMAZON.

This anthology contains a cast of writers I’m honored to be among…and I’m not just saying that. I honest-to-god LOVE these people. I’ve roomed with them at conventions. I’ve invited them into my home. I have shared in their triumphs and disasters, and one day maybe I’ll be half as good a writer as they are. Aliette deBodard, Eric James Stone, Eugie Foster, James Maxey…if you are not fans of these folks already, you really, really should be.

The story I have featured in this anthology is the infamous “Blood and Water”, the retelling of Hans Christian Andersen’s “The Little Mermaid” where the mermaid is a vampire. There are also pirates. It’s not available anywhere else free online.

Here’s your chance to check out all of these great authors–and me!–FOR FREE. What are you waiting for? Just click on the book cover.

And please — spread the word!

Share the love. And the awesomeness.

Have a great weekend!
Princess Alethea

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Still Not An Award-Winning Author

But I still get to be part of this anthology! It includes the top four Intergalactic Medicine Show readers’ choice stories, some more award winners, and other favorites. I’m a favorite! And in seriously good company. AND I’M ON THE COVER.

Table of Contents:

“Trinity County, CA” by Peter S. Beagle
First appeared in IGMS issue #18

“Sister Jasmine Brings the Pain” by Von Carr
First appeared in IGMS issue #17

“The Ghost of a Girl Who Never Lived” by Keffy R. M. Kehrli
First appeared in IGMS issue #19

“The American” by Bruce Worden
First appeared in IGMS issue #20

“Silent as Dust” by James Maxey
First appeared in IGMS issue #7

“Horus Ascending” by Aliette deBodard
First appeared in IGMS issue #8

“End-of-the-World Pool” by Scott Roberts
First appeared in IGMS issue #12

“A Heretic by Degrees” – by Marie Brennan
First appeared in IGMS issue #10

“The Never Never Wizard of Apalachicola” by Jason Sanford
First appeared in IGMS issue #20

“Beautiful Winter” by Eugie Foster
First appeared in IGMS issue #13

“Blood & Water” – by Alethea Kontis
First appeared in IGMS issue #9

“Mean-Spirited” – by Edmund R. Schubert
First appeared in IGMS issue #16

“Robot Sorcerer” – by Eric James Stone
First appeared in IGMS issue #10

“Aim For The Stars” – by Tom Pendergrass
First appeared in IGMS issue #15


[Update: You can preorder the anthology here from Spotlight publishing — it will ship mid-December.]

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Happily Ever After

So there’s this amazing book coming out in June that you need to know about.

Once Upon A Time…

…in the faraway land of Story, a Hugo-winning Editor realized that no one had collected together the fairy tales of the age, and that doorstop-thick anthologies of modern fairy tales were sorely lacking…

And so the Editor ventured forth, wandering the land of Story from shore to shore, climbing massive mountains of books and delving deep into lush, literary forests, gathering together thirty-three of the best re-tellings of fairy tales he could find. Not just any fairy tales, mind you, but tantalizing tales from some of the biggest names in today’s fantastic fiction, authors like Gregory Maguire, Susanna Clarke, Charles de Lint, Holly Black, Aletha Kontis, Kelly Link, Neil Gaiman, Patricia Briggs, Paul Di Filippo, Gregory Frost, and Nancy Kress. But these stories alone weren’t enough to satisfy the Editor, so the Editor ventured further, into the dangerous cave of the fearsome Bill Willingham, and emerged intact with a magnificent introduction, to tie the collection together.

And the inhabitants of Story, from the Kings and Queens relaxing in their castles to the peasants toiling in the fields; from to the fey folk flitting about the forests to the trolls lurking under bridges and the giants in the hills, read the anthology, and enjoyed it. And they all lived…

Happily Ever After.

Bill Willingham – Introduction
Gregory Maguire – The Seven Stage a Comeback
Genevieve Valentine – And In Their Glad Rags
Howard Waldrop – The Sawing Boys
Michael Cadnum – Bear It Away
Susanna Clarke – Mr. Simonelli or the Fairy Widower
Karen Joy Fowler – The Black Fairy’s Curse
Charles de Lint – My Life As A Bird
Holly Black – The Night Market
Theodora Goss – The Rose in Twelve Petals
Jim C. Hines – The Red Path
Alethea Kontis – Blood and Water
Garth Nix – Hansel’s Eyes
Wil McCarthy – He Died That Day, In Thirty Years
Jane Yolen – Snow In Summer
Michelle West – The Rose Garden
Bruce Sterling – The Little Magic Shop
K. Tempest Bradford – Black Feather
Alan Rodgers – Fifi’s Tail
Kelly Link – The Faery Handbag
Peter Straub – Ashputtle
Leslie What – The Emperor’s New (And Improved) Clothes
Robert J. Howe – Pinocchio’s Diary
Wendy Wheeler – Little Red
Neil Gaiman – The Troll Bridge
Patricia Briggs – The Price
Paul Di Filippo – Ailoura
Jeff VanderMeer – The Farmer’s Cat
Gregory Frost – The Root of The Matter
Susan Wade – Like a Red, Red Rose
Josh Rountree – Chasing America
Nancy Kress – Stalking Beans
Esther Friesner – Big Hair
Robert Coover – The Return of the Dark Children

Trade Paperback
496 Pages – $15.99

That’s right — I’m in a ToC with Birthday Boy Jim C. Hines (Happy birthday, Jim!) and, once again, that pesky Neil Gaiman fellow. I’m not complaining at all. I mean, have you seen that cover? It’s GORGEOUS!I am so honored that John asked me to be included.

And if you like, you can preorder it now straight from Nightshade books.

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