The Adventure Begins!

Hero starts shipping from the HMH warehouses TOMORROW. Eep! So you know what that means!

(Yes, I know it means I have to shut up and write more Beloved.)

But what it also means is that it’s officially the launch of the Hero Blog Tour!

Hero Prism Tour

This year I’m being helped by the good fairy Laura from Prism Tours to put together a stellar lineup of fun and exciting content to whet your appetite for much fairy tale goodness. There will also be a FAIRY TALE BASKET GIVEAWAY (US residents only) that includes a signed copy of Enchanted, a signed copy of Hero, and a ton of other fun fairy tale swag from yours truly!

Here’s Laura’s post with the schedule (so far) of goodness to come).

And here’s the FB link to the rafflecopter giveaway, complete with all the ways to enter.

A HUGE thank you to everyone taking part in the tour. It’s going to be AWESOME!

Much love! And good luck!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Treasures Abound!

I’m over at Treasured Tales for Young Adults again today–wait, did I ever leave? Maybe I’ve been lurking in the corners all this time! You never know!

We magical princesses are like that.

Today is special, however, because Alishia is posting another EXCLUSIVE DELETED SCENE from Enchanted, read by yours truly, all dressed up, on YouTube.

What are you waiting for?? CLICK HERE NOW.

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Princess Crush

Today on the blog tour, I’m stopping over to visit Tee and Vee at the YA Crush blog.

Such sweeties!

They’re having a very Enchanted day…please be sure to stop by and check it out!


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The Princess and the Queen

Yes, indeed, I am having tea with the queen today — Ms. Book Queen, to be exact!

The gorgeous Queen Ny has graciously invited me to stay at her palace for TWO SOLID DAYS of Enchantment!

Today and tomorrow (May 22 and 23rd), Ms. Book Queen will be posting a review of Enchanted and a lovely interview with MOI. [Update: I completely dropped the ball on this interview — totally my fault!–and hopefully the Queen will not have my head…]

Two lovely women for the price of one! How does a sane person pass that up? They don’t.

So click on over now and join the fun!

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WhatchYA Talkin’ Bout?

Back on May 9th, Caitlin and Christine from whatchYAreading had a discussion amongst themselves about their thoughts and reactions to Enchanted.

Today, the whatchYAreading blog is posting their official review of the book.

Do they still love it as much as they did a couple of weeks ago?

Let’s click over and see! xox

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Do You Smell Something?

Yes…that’s definitely sheep!

I was invited to hang out with Shepardess Extraordinaire Sharon Stogner over at the I Smell Sheep blog. Sharon and I had a very fun interview that was more of a chat…we went back and forth a few times, and I won some major geekness points along the way.

Click on over, if only to check out a very fun, slightly more “organic” was of doing a traditional interview. WARNING: THERE WILL BE GEEKNESS. 

Thank you, Sharon! xox


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Fragments of a Princess

Hooray! I’ve been waiting for this blog tour date to come around for a while…and today it’s here!

Today and tomorrow, May 17th and 18th, I am staying over at the Fragments of Life blog, hosted by my lovely friend Precious from the Philippines!

On May 17th (today), Precious will be reviewing Enchanted, and then on May 18th (tomorrow), she will be featuring an EXCLUSIVE DELETED SCENE read by yours truly, dressed in costume, on YouTube.

Click over today (and definitely tomorrow) to celebrate my international slumber party!

*throws pillow*

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Princess Pages

My interview with Indian blogger goddess Soumi Roy is now live on Pages From my Thoughts!

Click on over to see what inspired Enchanted, the origin of Sunday and her sisters, and what you should do while 1.) waiting for this book to show up on your doorstep or 2.) waiting for the sequel.

Enjoy! Leave comments!


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Princess Treasures!

Good morning, everyone! I’m home from the Big Apple and have already taken nap one for the day. Huzzah! The rest of the day will consist of: reading, napping, writing reviews, napping, and drinking LOTS of water. What are you up to this fine morning?

Well, when you’re done with that, pop over to Treasured Tales for Young Adults to read a lovely interview with MOI and win some swag! Not a book this time, but cool fun Princess Alethea Stuff. Included in the prize pack are:

1x Alethea Kontis card (signed by Alethea); 1x The Monster and Mrs Blake bookmark; 1x A is for Alice sticker: 1x Alpha Oops business card; 1x Enchanted magnet; 1x Alethea Kontis magnet; 1x Enchanted postcard; 1x Alethea Kontis postcard; 1x The Wonderland Alphabet postcard; 1x Enchanted card with book description.

All you have to do is fill out the rentry form! (And be a follower of the Treasured Tales for Young Adults blog (very worth it)).  You are also welcome to leave a comment telling us what magic ability YOU would have if you could. Want to know what mine is? The answer is in the interview!

Click on over. Be awesome. I’m gonna check in on you to see your answers later!

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Princess Alethea @ The Book Smugglers

I’m guest-posting over at The Book Smugglers today — yes, an honest-to-goodness REALLY LONG BLOG POST ESSAY. Remember when I used to have time to do those?

Find out what my inspirations and influences were while writing Enchanted…and other little things you may not know about me.



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