My 2013 Baltimore Book Fest Schedule

ACK! Too many things going on!

I will only be appearing at the Baltimore Book Festival one day: this FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 27TH.

Here’s my schedule:

3:00-4:00pm YA Paranormal/Romance
Location: Maryland Romance Writers Pavilion

4:00-5:45 Workshop: What’s New in Young Adult Fiction: Science Fiction, Fantasy, Paranormal
Location: SFWA Pavilion

I will be around all day (or, as soon as I can arrive) to sign books (I’ll bring as many copies of HERO as will fit in my suitcase). It doesn’t look like there will be much time between my panels, but fear not — I will definitely stick around until everyone has gotten their books properly defaced by MOI!


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BBF — SFWA Schedule

For those SF/F geeks, you can find the complete schedule of SFWA-related activities for the Baltimore Book Festival at this link.

Just remember, Leanna and I are both booked solid from about 3pm until 7pm, which means you’ll have to hunt me down at whatever I’m doing to see me. (And if you bring a granola bar, I’ll be your best friend for at least five minutes.)

See you there!

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