Princess Alethea’s 2018 Publications

2018 Releases

Besphinxed — YA paranormal rom com, original short novel/novella set in the Nocturne Falls Universe

“The Goblin and the Treasure” — original fantasy adventure, featured in the Once Upon a Quest anthology

The Glass Mountain: A Tale of Arilland — fairy tale chapbook (story originally featured in 2017’s Once Upon a Kiss anthology)

The Unicorn Hunter: A Tale of Arilland — fairy tale chapbook (story originally featured in 2011’s Demons anthology)

Beauty and Dynamite — memoir (revised edition, Kindle only. Originally published in 2007)

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SNEAK PEEK: The Seal Woman’s Tale

Patrons pledging $20 and up have SNEAK PEEK access to a new fairy tale by MOI — “The Seal Woman’s Tale” :

And yes, it does tie into Arilland. But only Sneak Peekers can ask me how…

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The Wonderful World of Alethea Kontis

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Happy October! 🍁


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Princess Adventures: DragonCon 2018

A new episode in The Princess Adventures has been posted — READ IT HERE.

“Dragon Con 2018. Sunday. The day I didn’t win yet another award…”

So much happened on the Sunday of Dragon Con that I had to break it into two parts. This is Part One: The Dragon Awards.

By the time I’ve finished chronicling this year’s Dragon Con, I will have written around 10,000 words. But you know what? I’M GLAD. I’m glad because I am able to process and chronicle this year’s amazing convention and all the magical things that happened to me. Magical things happen every year, but until now I have never had the time (or made the time) to tackle this assignment and see it all the way to the end.

I always give myself some sort of ridiculous arbitrary time limit, but my Dragon Con Report was never going to be done the week after Dragon–I should have never expected it to be. Nor should I put such pressure on myself in the future. Because now that it’s almost done, I feel…whole again. Well, almost whole.

There are still all those storm chasing diary entries and photos…

I’ve released these Princess Adventures to all my Patrons at the $1 Level and up. I do this because it is my main source of income. Funding these adventures has to come from somewhere!



Princess Alethea

DragonCon 2018 Sunday Part One

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Yes, ACTUAL George Lucas

…because that’s just how it goes when you adventure with this Princess.

Read the full story here:

DragonCon Thursday with George Lucas

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The Thing About Adventures

DragonCon 2018 PrincessSo here’s the thing about adventures: They are super fun to have. They can also be incredibly difficult to keep up with when you want to write about them.

In preparation for being firmly ensconced in the Northeastern US for the next few weeks, I created a pretty intense “post-DragonCon” to-do list. Yes, I would love to jump right into a new writing project and forget everything else, but everything else includes titles that moved from Createspace to KDP while I was out, NPR reviews that need to be turned in, about half a dozen non-fiction essays and proposals, and a manuscript decent enough to send to Jane and Heidi for Picture Book Boot Camp Part Deux in November.

In addition to all this important stuff, I have: 1.) Storm Chasing Essays, 2.) DragonCon Essays, and 3.) Fall Adventures up North.

See, the adventures don’t stop happening just because I don’t have time to write them all down. I just feels progressively more and more guilty about moving on with my life, while always promising to go back and catch up.

I’ve been telling everyone I’ve seen since May: Storm Chasing really affected me, deep down, in ways I’m still realizing. I came home mentally and physically exhausted, and I did a lot of soul searching. Some of this resulted in pretty life-changing decisions…or, at least, decisions that I hope will ultimately change my life for the better.  (My close friends seem to have utter faith that it will.)

In the meantime, I have my emerald green notebook right here, ready to transcribe all my diary entries, with the proper insight.

However, between then and now, DragonCon 2018 happened. In so many ways–even though it feels like I always say this–it was the best DragonCon ever. Those adventures are still fresh in my mind, broken down by each day of the Con.

The best part is, I’ve had time to process all those, too. In the last couple of years, I’ve had to shift gears so fast after DragonCon that I wasn’t even able to write them in a journal, and some of those beautiful memories were forgotten. In 2016, I was asked to be a last-minute staff addition to a writing cruise (which came with its own family drama) and in 2017 I drove home to Irma.

Now, I will never forget the fantastic time Jane Yolen and I had tromping around wearing crowns and finishing each other’s poetry, or the ten minutes I had one-on-one with Megan Follows, and I will never forget the magical performance that was “The Little Mermaid” Fairy Tale Rant Theatre (thank Jove we got that on camera!), but I know that other precious moments slipped through the cracks.

This year–this phenomenal year of adventures, I don’t want to forget anything. And yet…

Since DragonCon I’ve flown up North and had more amazing times, discovering the Fairyland that is the Colorscape Arts Festival, working in a patisserie full of very expensive (but incredibly delicious) napoleons, and hanging out with the Adam Ezra Group again, since our paths continue to cross like the strands of Pippi Longstocking’s braids.

This is why, when every five minutes someone was shouting across DragonCon that they stalked me on social media, I breathed a sigh of relief. Whether I had time to write it up in beautiful prose or not, these folks had been there for my adventures.

But now that I do have time…where do I begin?

Every so often I’ll flip through a notebook and come across a journal-type entry, in varying degrees of doneness, chronicling one adventure or another. When I have time (ha!) I put those in the Archive folder for my Exclusive Patrons. And I thank Past Alethea for her diligence,encapsulating that memory in whatever scribbles she was able.

But we have to start somewhere, don’t we?

I think perhaps I will start with DragonCon Day One: Thursday. The night of the Stygian Launch Party and Adam Ezra Concert…and super celebrity guest cameo that shocked the heck out of all of us.

I’ll be posting these adventures for Patrons Only–all accessible for only $1. Those dollars help me attend Picture Book Boot Camp, pay for the gas to get there and the hotel stays on either side. They help me get Sarah to DragonCon and buy swag for the Sideshow and get a dedicated camera, so that we will ALWAYS have recordings of Fairy Tale Rant Theatre. And sometimes, they just help me buy a coffee, or a really expensive pastry, when I’m in the perfect place to do so.

Thank you, my friends, for tagging along with me on my adventures. (Because it’s not technically “stalking” when I actually enjoy having you around!)

I treasure you all more than you will ever know.




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Princess Alethea at RoberCon



I am so excited to announce that I will be heading to Binghampton, New York September 29th and 30th for RoberCon! 

Here is where you can find me during the convention:

Saturday, September 29th

1PM – Aiming for the Middle (Grades): How to Write Fiction for Young Adults
Location: Activity Lab (second floor of museum)
Presenters: Paul D. Smith (moderator), Tamora Pierce, Timothy Liebe, Alethea Kontis, Julie
Description: Middle-grade and young-adult fiction are among the most popular types of literature on the
market. What are the secrets of writing for youths? How do you keep young people interested in
reading? What do young readers want to read about? All are welcome as we talk about
literature for this fascinating age group.

4PM – From Dark to Light: The Different Shades of Urban Fantasy
Location: Activity Lab (second floor of museum)
Presenters: Nancy Holzner (moderator), Anne Bishop, C.W. Briar, Alethea Kontis, Deborah
Description: Urban fantasy is a broad genre that ranges from light, humorous stories to tales so dark they
bleed into horror. Panelists will discuss different shades of fantasy and where their work fits on
the spectrum.

Sunday, September 30th

10AM – Rethinking ‘Happily Ever After’: Turning Fairy Tales on Their Heads
Location: Activity Lab (second floor of museum)
Presenters: Crystal Sarakas (moderator), Alethea Kontis, Deborah Blake, Nancy Holzner
Description: Sleeping Beauty. Little Red Riding Hood. Hansel and Gretel. Fairy tales are as popular as ever,
but how do we keep adding new twists to old stories? Hear from authors who have taken these
traditional tales and given them a 21st-century spin.

11AM – The Unusual Suspects: Unexpected Creatures in Urban Fantasy
Location: Activity Lab (second floor of museum)
Presenters: Nancy Holzner (moderator), Anne Bishop, C.W. Briar, Deborah Blake, Alethea
Description: Urban fantasy draws from many different folklores and mythologies. This panel examines
paranormal characters and creatures apart from the vampires and werewolves that have
dominated books and TV shows over the past 20 years.

12PM – Tales from the Word Trade: Bestselling Authors Share Their Stories
Location: Carousel Theater (first floor of museum)
Presenters: Anne Bishop, Tamora Pierce, Alethea Kontis, Crystal Sarakas (moderator)
Description: Every aspiring writer dreams of making it on the bestselling lists. Join us for a conversation with
three bestselling authors – Tamora Pierce, Alethea Kontis and guest of honor Anne Bishop – to
find out how they did it and whether it’s everything they dreamed about.

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Dragon Con Schedule


We’re just 6 days away from the start of Dragon Con, and I cannot wait to see you all there!  This year is made even more special because WHEN TINKER MET BELL is nominated for a Dragon Award! If you haven’t voted yet, it’s open to everyone and I would be thrilled if you would give me your vote.

Dragon Con is filled with chances to meet up, say hi, and snag a signed copy of one of my books, here’s where you can find me!

Thursday, August 30th at 7:00pm – Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Stygian Masquerade Party – Regency VI-VII – Hyatt

Friday, August 31st at 2:30pm – 15-Minute Mentor Session – Embassy G – Hyatt

Friday, August 31st at 5:30pm – An Hour with Sherrilyn Kenyon – Centennial I – Hyatt

Friday, August 31st at 7:00pm – Princess Alethea’s Traveling Sideshow – A707 – Marriott

Saturday, September 1st at 10am – Dragon Con Parade

Saturday, September 1st at 2:30pm – Casting Your Novel – Embassy EF – Hyatt

Saturday, September 1st at 4:00pm – Autographing Session – International Hall South 4-5 – Marriott

Sunday, September 2nd at 4:00pm – Reading Session – Marietta – Hyatt

Sunday, September 2nd at 8:30pm – When Worlds Stop Coming – Embassy CD – Hyatt

If I have any book inventory still left on Monday, keep an eye on my Instagram and Twitter to find out my Monday Mystery location will be!

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The Harmswood Academy Trilogy: Nocturne Falls Universe

The Harmswood Academy Trilogy:

Nocturne Falls Universe

Reading Order

Harmswood Academy Trilogy

Book 1: The Truth About Cats & Wolves

Book 2: When Tinker Met Bell

Novelette: “The Meddlesome Misadventures of Merri and Bright” (from Merry and Bright)

Book 3: Besphinxed


Interested in Essays, Sneak Peeks and Exclusive Content?  Become a Patron of the Princess today for as little as $1 a month!

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