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USA Today Interviews MOI!

In which Robin Covington interviews me for USA Today…today…and I discuss girl power, magic swans, and my undying love for Jude Deveraux. Check it out here: Release date is TOMORROW! You guys all have your copies of Hero preordered, right? RIGHT???

Waterworld Mermaid Day

Yes, boys and girls, it’s a brand new month — that time when Princess Alethea is swimming with the Waterworld Mermaids. Today in the lagoon I’m discussing Jude Deveraux, fairy tales, and things that happen in life that are, literally, stranger than fiction. Have you ever said to someone, “Man, you can’t write this stuff.” […]

Life, Art, and Contrarywise

(I wrote this on Friday, but wasn’t able to post it until today–AK) I finished reading Jude Deveraux‘s Heartwishes this afternoon. It was the very definition of a treat. Jude Deveraux is one of my favorite authors of all time, and when I saw her book on the New Arrivals table, I snapped it up. […]

My 21 Most Influential Books

My BFF Casey recently tagged me on a Facebook meme, listing her "15 most influential books." I was intrigued. Bands get asked who their influences are all the time. What about authors? Think for a minute…which books were your most influential books? And I don’t just mean ones that you enjoyed, but ones that resonated […]

Princess Alethea’s Favorite Historical Romance Novels

Hi, everybody! *waves* Miss me? Now that I’ve finished the first draft of Hero and sent it off, I am free to catch up on ALL THE THINGS, like the link to this article which appeared on USA Today’s Happy Ever After blog (like a month ago), in which I (and a bunch of other […]

Earth Evening

I wasn’t really sure what I was going to do with my Earth Hour last night. And then right around 6:45 the sky turned green. Half an hour later, I was out on the street with all my neighbors admiring God’s handiwork on the Boys & Girls Club at the end of our road. I […]