2013 Blog Tour

Where on the World Wide Web is Princess Alethea in 2013?

January 1
Waterworld Mermaids — “Class, Please Hand In Your Self-Evaluations”

January 18
Waterworld Mermaids — Interview with Carlene Love Flores

February 4
Waterworld Mermaids — “Healing Hands”

February 14
Waterworld Mermaids — “A Collection of Heroes”

March 1
Clarkesworld Magazine —  Another Word: “Original Sin”

April 1
Waterworld Mermaids — “A Tale of Four Covers”

May 1
Waterworld Mermaids — “Stranger Than Fiction”

May 17
USA Today — “Under the Influence of Andre Norton”

May 28
USA Today — “Princess Alethea’s 11 Best Fairy Tale Films”

May 31
Waterworld Mermaids — Video Interview with Zoraida Cordova

June 3
Waterworld Mermaids — “How to Lose an Award Without Losing Your Mind”

July 1
Waterworld Mermaids — “That IS the Question”

August 1
Waterworld Mermaids — “What Was That Again?”

August 9
Target Audience Magazine — Interview with Alethea

September 1
Clarkesworld Magazine —  Another Word: “I am an Endangered Species”

September 5
Erin Dealey hosts “What to Expect When You’re Expecting–a BOOK!

September 11
Waterworld Mermaids — “With One Hand Tied Behind My Back”

September 20
The Funky Werepig — Slumber Party Podcast!

September 23
Debz BookshelfPrincess Alethea Rants About “Rumpelstiltskin

September 24
Miss Print — Interview with Alethea

September 26
On the Verge — YA Author Jody Casella interviews Alethea

October 1
Waterworld Mermaids — “Last-Minute Wonder”

October 1
Mary Robinette Kowal hosts My Favorite Bit (The Fairy Tale Edition)

October 2
John Scalzi hosts The Big Idea (behind HERO)

October 2
“Petronella” fairy tale rant for

October 4
Anything Goes — Alethea’s podcast interview with Bennet Pomerantz

October 7
I Smell Sheep — Character Interview with Saturday Woodcutter

October 7
RWA’s FF&P Blog — “Queen of Thieves”

October 8
A Backwards Story features Alethea Kontis

October 9
Enchanted Inkpot — YA Author Ellen Oh interviews Alethea

November 5
Waterworld Mermaids — “What Do You Do With a Drawing Princess?”

December 2
Waterworld Mermaids — “So…if I have an awesome Thanksgiving and it doesn’t go viral, is it still awesome?”