August Roundup

Alethea Kontis DragonCon 2019
Here’s what happened at all the Patreon Levels in August: (I’m still at DragonCon, so I’m setting this up early to post later…shhh. But if you saw the Sideshow, let me know how it went!)
Adventure Level
— #SmileMail Monday
— #FriendlyFriday (Leanna Renee Hieber, Zoraida Cordova, Gwenda Bond, Eric Asher, Delilah S. Dawson)
— LIVE video chat hangouts (Mondays on the FB Author Page!)
Essay Level
— “The Girl in the Front Row” (Or, How to Live Your Best Life as a Hermione Granger)
Sideshow Support / Exclusive Level
—  SIDESHOW VIDEO EXCLUSIVE:  “Justice League Jedis”
—  SIDESHOW VIDEO EXCLUSIVE:  Jo Whittemore “Mad Libs”
—  SIDESHOW VIDEO EXCLUSIVE:  Gray Rinehart “Ship With No Name” (PATS 2016)
— Black Hat Ball Costume Test
Sneak Peek Level
— Early Aug NPR Reviews
— My love letter to The Westing Game (also for NPR)
Treasure Box Level
—  The FUZZY-WUZZY TIGGYWILLOW Treasure Box, courtesy of The Monster Cafe!
Sideshow VIP Level 
THANK YOU for liking, sharing, and commenting on posts, and THANK YOU PATRONS, ever and always for supporting me and my work! I couldn’t do it without you! 
~Princess Alethea
Coming in September: NEW ENGLAND, BABY! 🍁
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April Roundup

Here’s what happened on Patreon in April:
Adventure Level
— #SmileMail Monday
— #FriendlyFriday
— In Which Alethea Narrates ALL THE THINGS
— “The Pros and Cons of Stage Directions” featured in this month’s Apex Magazine
— “As the World Burns,”on IGMS, Apex Magazine, and Notre-Dame
— #StormySaturday (Did you see the new Rainbow Level?)
Sideshow Support Level — LAUNCHED
Essay Level
—  “It’s All Fun and Games” — How being a gamer can give you an edge in this game called Publishing
Exclusive Level
—   Video: Weekends with Princess Alethea – Update
Sneak Peek Level
GAME ON! Anthology Early Cover Peek 
The Little Witch and Wizard full cover and book launch information!
Rainbow Level — LAUNCHED!
Treasure Box Level
—  ICFA Treasures #2
Sideshow VIP Level — LAUNCHED!
THANK YOU ever and always to my Patrons for supporting me and my work! I couldn’t do all this without you! 
~Princess Alethea
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March Roundup

March Lee 2019

Oh my gosh…WE SURVIVED THIS MONTH! (Honestly, I’m not totally sure how I did it…but YAY!)
Two cons back-to-back, one major copyedit (that is still not done), four new audio stories recorded (announcements coming soon!), one Top Secret Pitch, one NPR review, and TEN NEW AGENTS QUERIED! Whew!
Here’s what happened on Patreon in March:
Adventure Level
— #SmileMail Monday
— #FriendlyFriday
Essay Level
—  “This Is How She Does It” – How The Invincible Princess Alethea Gets Sick (and Gets Better) at Cons
Exclusive Level
Sneak Peek Level
Treasure Box Level
THANK YOU to my Patrons, ever and always for supporting me and my work! I couldn’t do it without you! 
Remember: Next month we launch new SIDESHOW LEVELS!
~Princess Alethea


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February Roundup

Untitled design(1)
Here’s what happened over on Patreon in February:

ADVENTURE LEVEL (known for 5 seconds as the “Holiday Card Level.”)

— #SmileMail Monday

— #FriendlyFriday

— New Narrations: EscapePod Episode #666

— First Quarter NPR Review Links

— Happy Book Birthday ONCE UPON A STAR!

—  IGMS 67: The Antepenultimate Issue (feat. Alethea x 2)

Essay Level

—  “This is My Brain on Poetry”

Exclusive Level

—  “Dialla Saves the World” —  original flash fiction

Sneak Peek Level

— Top Secret Promo Video

— “Witch’s Star” from the upcoming Do Not Go Quietly anthology (the super nerdy “Heroic Octave Crown” poem, where each connected verse is also an acrostic. I LOVED WORKING ON THIS PROJECT SO MUCH!)

Treasure Box Level

— A CD of Adam Ezra’s new solo album Find a Way!

THANK YOU ever and always for supporting me and my work! I couldn’t do it without you!


~Princess Alethea

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January Roundup

Here’s what happened over on Patreon in January:$1 Level (I’m going to start calling this the Holiday Card Level, since I send cards to EVERYONE in December, for sure. Make sure Sarah and I have your mailing address!)

#SmileMail Monday


Birthday Camera Fund Announcement (this is still live if you want to jump in!)

Essay Level

“On the Promise of Short Stories”

Exclusive Level

“Interview with Alexia” video #5 (final episode–I love that girl!)

Sneak Peek Level

“” from the upcoming Once Upon a Star anthology

Treasure Box Level

— SCBWI swag: stickers, postcards, bookmarks, cards from all the illustrators displaying their portfolios at the conference!

THANK YOU ever and always for supporting me and my work–you all literally make my life worth living. I couldn’t do it without you!


~Princess Alethea

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Princess Adventures: DragonCon 2018

A new episode in The Princess Adventures has been posted — READ IT HERE.

“Dragon Con 2018. Sunday. The day I didn’t win yet another award…”

So much happened on the Sunday of Dragon Con that I had to break it into two parts. This is Part One: The Dragon Awards.

By the time I’ve finished chronicling this year’s Dragon Con, I will have written around 10,000 words. But you know what? I’M GLAD. I’m glad because I am able to process and chronicle this year’s amazing convention and all the magical things that happened to me. Magical things happen every year, but until now I have never had the time (or made the time) to tackle this assignment and see it all the way to the end.

I always give myself some sort of ridiculous arbitrary time limit, but my Dragon Con Report was never going to be done the week after Dragon–I should have never expected it to be. Nor should I put such pressure on myself in the future. Because now that it’s almost done, I feel…whole again. Well, almost whole.

There are still all those storm chasing diary entries and photos…

I’ve released these Princess Adventures to all my Patrons at the $1 Level and up. I do this because it is my main source of income. Funding these adventures has to come from somewhere!



Princess Alethea

DragonCon 2018 Sunday Part One

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The Thing About Adventures

DragonCon 2018 PrincessSo here’s the thing about adventures: They are super fun to have. They can also be incredibly difficult to keep up with when you want to write about them.

In preparation for being firmly ensconced in the Northeastern US for the next few weeks, I created a pretty intense “post-DragonCon” to-do list. Yes, I would love to jump right into a new writing project and forget everything else, but everything else includes titles that moved from Createspace to KDP while I was out, NPR reviews that need to be turned in, about half a dozen non-fiction essays and proposals, and a manuscript decent enough to send to Jane and Heidi for Picture Book Boot Camp Part Deux in November.

In addition to all this important stuff, I have: 1.) Storm Chasing Essays, 2.) DragonCon Essays, and 3.) Fall Adventures up North.

See, the adventures don’t stop happening just because I don’t have time to write them all down. I just feels progressively more and more guilty about moving on with my life, while always promising to go back and catch up.

I’ve been telling everyone I’ve seen since May: Storm Chasing really affected me, deep down, in ways I’m still realizing. I came home mentally and physically exhausted, and I did a lot of soul searching. Some of this resulted in pretty life-changing decisions…or, at least, decisions that I hope will ultimately change my life for the better.  (My close friends seem to have utter faith that it will.)

In the meantime, I have my emerald green notebook right here, ready to transcribe all my diary entries, with the proper insight.

However, between then and now, DragonCon 2018 happened. In so many ways–even though it feels like I always say this–it was the best DragonCon ever. Those adventures are still fresh in my mind, broken down by each day of the Con.

The best part is, I’ve had time to process all those, too. In the last couple of years, I’ve had to shift gears so fast after DragonCon that I wasn’t even able to write them in a journal, and some of those beautiful memories were forgotten. In 2016, I was asked to be a last-minute staff addition to a writing cruise (which came with its own family drama) and in 2017 I drove home to Irma.

Now, I will never forget the fantastic time Jane Yolen and I had tromping around wearing crowns and finishing each other’s poetry, or the ten minutes I had one-on-one with Megan Follows, and I will never forget the magical performance that was “The Little Mermaid” Fairy Tale Rant Theatre (thank Jove we got that on camera!), but I know that other precious moments slipped through the cracks.

This year–this phenomenal year of adventures, I don’t want to forget anything. And yet…

Since DragonCon I’ve flown up North and had more amazing times, discovering the Fairyland that is the Colorscape Arts Festival, working in a patisserie full of very expensive (but incredibly delicious) napoleons, and hanging out with the Adam Ezra Group again, since our paths continue to cross like the strands of Pippi Longstocking’s braids.

This is why, when every five minutes someone was shouting across DragonCon that they stalked me on social media, I breathed a sigh of relief. Whether I had time to write it up in beautiful prose or not, these folks had been there for my adventures.

But now that I do have time…where do I begin?

Every so often I’ll flip through a notebook and come across a journal-type entry, in varying degrees of doneness, chronicling one adventure or another. When I have time (ha!) I put those in the Archive folder for my Exclusive Patrons. And I thank Past Alethea for her diligence,encapsulating that memory in whatever scribbles she was able.

But we have to start somewhere, don’t we?

I think perhaps I will start with DragonCon Day One: Thursday. The night of the Stygian Launch Party and Adam Ezra Concert…and super celebrity guest cameo that shocked the heck out of all of us.

I’ll be posting these adventures for Patrons Only–all accessible for only $1. Those dollars help me attend Picture Book Boot Camp, pay for the gas to get there and the hotel stays on either side. They help me get Sarah to DragonCon and buy swag for the Sideshow and get a dedicated camera, so that we will ALWAYS have recordings of Fairy Tale Rant Theatre. And sometimes, they just help me buy a coffee, or a really expensive pastry, when I’m in the perfect place to do so.

Thank you, my friends, for tagging along with me on my adventures. (Because it’s not technically “stalking” when I actually enjoy having you around!)

I treasure you all more than you will ever know.




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Royal Baker: This Month’s Cookie Reveal–Koulourakia

It’s that time of the month again! That’s right…the reveal of the cookie going to everyone on my Royal Baker tier! Last month was baklava, which is everyone else’s favorite. This month is one of MY favorites: koulourakia!

Koulourakia is typically known as an Easter cookie (thus the twisty design also used with Easter breads) — but Mom always made these for us around Christmas. They’re buttery, far less sweet cookies, and they pair fabulously with coffee and tea. (Almost like a shortbread!)

Depending on your family’s area of origin and traditions, these cookies might be laced with almond, orange, rose water, or anise. My family, happily, is of the “almond” variety. With a little vanilla thrown in for fun, too.

I still like making these around Christmas, rolling out sheets and sheets of sough while watching “White Christmas,” usually, or one of the other movies on my Alethea Yearly Holiday Movie List.

Does your family have cookies you only ever make at certain times of the year? Or things you make at a time when you’re not traditionally supposed to?


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Storm Chasing Playlist Now on Spotify!

"Chasing Tornadoes" Spotify Playlist

It’s going to be a long drive out to Tornado Alley — Chris and I are definitely going to need some tunes to keep us company on the road and whet our appetite for the stormy weather to come!

I reached out on Social Media…and the world has responded! (I expect the FB thread to go on for days…or weeks…) I know I’m still adding songs as I think of them.

Best of all–the playlist is available to everyone! Just follow this link, and you can ride along with us!

And for those folks who want to play the “Where in the US is Princess Alethea?” home game, bookmark this link:

We will have our beacon active while we’re chasing, so you can follow along!

This Toriphile will be Chasing Tornadoes veeeery soon!


Are you as excited as I am? Want to help pitch in for gas, hotels, and coffee? Paypal akontis at gmail or click the Donate button on the right! (And Thank You!)

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Any Way The Wind Blows…

Storm Chasing Update!

Hello, everyone! So…the plan was to get the heck out of Dodge as soon as we could to chase those storms. I got the cookies for the Patreon Royal Baker Tier done ahead of time and got my to-do lists together. I decided to bring along some mailers, so that I could send out whatever exciting Treasure Box treasures I encountered on the road.
But, plans change. This is why we stay flexible.
Worry not — Chris and I ARE STILL GOING STORM CHASING. We’ve just been delayed. By weather. Or lack thereof. Seems there was a wee bit of activity a couple of days ago, but long-term models currently show a bunch of blah. Followed by more blah.
As eager as I am to go (yes, my bag is packed with everything but medicine and my pillow), it doesn’t make sense financially to drive all the way out there if nothing’s happening.
What does this mean for my Patrons? Well…a couple of things. First off, I will be throwing myself full throttle at that massive to-do list I compiled, meaning you’ve got a BUNCH of fun posts coming! And…you know…maybe even some VIDEOS,because I’ve really been chomping at the bit to do some more of those. Who cares if the library is in the middle of being torn down and put back together? Am I right?
I happen to have just received my hot-off-the-press copies of The Unicorn Hunter…and I’ve never done an “unboxing” video before…
What does this mean for the Treasure Box patrons? Well…it just so happens that I was recently celebrating busted ankleversary with my dear friends in the Adam Ezra Group (This was SUCH AN AMAZING SHOW! More on that later)…and they just so happened to have a bunch of their new CDs available…and I maybe just so happened to get them all to sign it for you.
The album is called Hurricane Wind–which is sort of perfect for this month’s storm chasing theme!
And if Chris and I end up storm chasing into June (which at this point it looks like we might), then all my Treasure Box Patrons will get pressies! (Hint: If you’ve ever wanted to pop up to that level, NOW’S THE TIME!)
Thank you to all my Patrons for helping to make this storm chasing adventure a reality…I CANNOT WAIT TO SHARE IT WITH YOU!
Princess Alethea


Are you as excited as I am? Want to help pitch in for gas, hotels, and coffee? Paypal akontis at gmail or click the Donate button on the right! (And Thank You!)

Want an ALL ACCESS PASS to Alethea’s Official Storm Chaser Diary and Pics? Become a Patron of the Princess today! Pledging as little as $1 a month gets you exclusive access!

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