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The Trix Adventures Prize Pack Giveaway!

I know you’re dutifully following and sharing all the guest bloggers and reviewers of the Trix and the Faerie Queen Blog Tour…but do make sure that you’re following me on ALL THE SOCIAL MEDIA and entering the Prize Pack Giveaway as many times as you can.

Only nine days left!


April 2 2016

Today is 211th anniversary of the birth of Hans Christian Andersen. Choosing this day to launch the blog tour for Trix and the Faerie Queen was due more to the happenstance of timing than by design, but in hindsight I cannot think of a better time. As I write this, I am sitting in the Aerie of Phoenix Farm. Across from me is the desk where Jane Yolen wrote some of the books that shaped my youth. The walls that aren’t filled with fairy tale collections are lined with wings and witches, maids and mermen. Out across the cloudy gray landscape dotted with the greens and yellows of impatient spring, the church bells chime into the twilight. The house is full of dreamers ready to write the next generation of beautiful books that shape the next generation of impressionable youths. Jane has challenged us all to make the world a better place. I accept that challenge.

Whether or not I succeed is up to you, dear reader.

Trix Woodcutter and I invite you all to join us on this newest adventure. Trix and the Faerie Queen is filled with more talking animals than I ever thought I would write and a journey to a place from my dreams: Under the Hill, to the high seat of the Faerie Queen. There are so many characters in this story (Alastair is going to hurt me when he starts making notes for the audio)–I won’t tell you which one is my favorite. That is a choice you must make yourself.

I could say more about Trix’s story, but I think perhaps I will let the all the wonderful excerpts and reviews posted along this tour speak for themselves. Plus, Jane has just sat down beside me to chat (Jane says hi, by the way), and Heidi will be calling us all down to dinner soon.

As always…adventure awaits!



April 3rd: Wishful Endings
April 8th: Grand Finale


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Enter to Win DEAREST

Dearest, coming Feb 3, 2015My publisher is giving away 25 copies of DEAREST before it’s released…but the drawing only runs through October 29th so NOW’S YOUR CHANCE!

Quick! Before it’s too late!

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Starting right now — 12:00pm CST — you (and all your friends!) may vote for my bracket in the DABWAHA. Click here: , vote for Hero, and do it quick! Voting for this bracket ends at midnight tonight.

Thank you all so much…to me you are all BIG DAMN HEROES.


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The Adventure Begins!

Hero starts shipping from the HMH warehouses TOMORROW. Eep! So you know what that means!

(Yes, I know it means I have to shut up and write more Beloved.)

But what it also means is that it’s officially the launch of the Hero Blog Tour!

Hero Prism Tour

This year I’m being helped by the good fairy Laura from Prism Tours to put together a stellar lineup of fun and exciting content to whet your appetite for much fairy tale goodness. There will also be a FAIRY TALE BASKET GIVEAWAY (US residents only) that includes a signed copy of Enchanted, a signed copy of Hero, and a ton of other fun fairy tale swag from yours truly!

Here’s Laura’s post with the schedule (so far) of goodness to come).

And here’s the FB link to the rafflecopter giveaway, complete with all the ways to enter.

A HUGE thank you to everyone taking part in the tour. It’s going to be AWESOME!

Much love! And good luck!
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Jenna Does HERO (with giveaway!)

Jenna over at Jenna Does Books has posted a really great review of HERO:

Hero, October 1, 2013JENNA’S REVIEW

My favorite fairy tale writer, Alethea Kontis, pulls off another slam dunk with HERO, the second of her stories about the Woodcutter sisters. HERO is a gender-bending, swash-buckling tale about Saturday, the second youngest sister to Sunday, whom we previously met in Enchanted. While Sunday was a whimsical girl with an art for words, Saturday is a strong and willful girl with plenty of heart (plus some added snark). Her story proved to be just as enthralling as the first!

Alethea has a knack for reminding readers why many of us love fairy tales to begin with. In this entry we are once again given a delightful story with some obvious (and some not-so-obvious) nods to classic tales, such as The Sleeping Beauty, Rapunzel, Rumpelstiltskin and more. It was so much fun picking out the various references. Just like Enchanted, HERO is built upon these familiar stories, but her overlying story and characters are entirely of her own creation. You never think “Wait, this is just a retelling of Cinderella!” or “I feel like I’ve heard this before…” because Alethea’s story and characters are wholly unique and distinguishable – not to mention they have so much more personality.

CLICK HERE to read more of Jenna’s spectacular review…and then enter to win your very own collector’s edition ARC of HERO!

(Giveaway ends September 30th.)

Thank you, Jenna. You are my Hero!

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The Girl Who Cried “Covers!”

Huge hugs and many thank yous go out to everyone who helped me with yesterday’s EPIC April Fool’s prank, which I have hereby dubbed the “HERO 4.1 April Fool’s Day Project.”

Like all the best jokes, this one began with a seed of truth: There WILL indeed be a 4th version cover of HERO, as-yet-to-be-released (but I promise, you folks will be the first to know. For realz). I was notified about this roughly a week before April 1st, so I took the opportunity (with the blessing of my esteemed publisher) to have some fun and…well…make lemonade, if you will.

Of course, since my favorite artist BFF got struck down with Wretched Eye Gunk From Mars, I scrambled to find other artists willing to pony up in only a few days time.

Here are those  wonderful, amazing artists who came through for me in such a short time, as well as the locations where their covers popped up yesterday around the internet. You can also view the full HERO Variant Covers Album HERE.


HERO: Deadpool / Artist: Marc VuletichMarc Vulteich (HERO: Deadpool)
When Marc Vuletich is not leading the ranks of Deadpool’s Zombie Army to world domination, he spends his free time drawing comics. Marc has an undying love for everything comics, movies and video games which helps to motivate and inspire him to pursue his goals in the comic book industry. Marc currently resides in the beautiful city  of San Diego, CA.

Marc’s art illustrates webcomics written by Emily S. Whitten for news sites such as MTV Splash Page and ReelzChannel and collected at, and more of his art and webcomics can be seen at and

I was so awed by Marc’s gorgeous artwork that I didn’t even notice the Deadpool nod at first. HA! Marc’s cover of HERO was featured on Goodreads (split the day with Bradley), as well as A Backwards Story and I Smell Sheep.

*HERO Hooping / Artist: Bradley Powers (10 years old)

Bradley Powers (HERO Hooping)
Bradley is a very good friend of mine, whose art I’m proud to say hangs in a place of prominence in my house: on my fridge.

10-year-old Bradley decided to use herself as the model for this particular HERO cover, changing Saturday Woodcutter’s infamous sword into a hula hoop for her hip-swaying pleasure.

Bradley’s illustration was featured on Goodreads (she split the day with Marc). as well as A Backwards Story and I Smell Sheep. She is also still my Facebook profile picture.


Quinn Conner (HERO Collage)

HERO Collage / Artist: Quinn Conner (6 years old)Quinn is six years old, and already poised to be Queen of Everything. She’s possibly the only person I know with more natural go-juice than the Energizer Bunny.

Quinn–who also has a permanent art installation on my fridge–has lately been into collage work.

She and her fabulous mother Lesley (hi, Lesley!) composed this piece together…yet it was I who ultimately slapped it into the Spoof Template and added the tagline.

A labor of love AND a collaborative effort, all in one!

Quinn’s cover was the cover photo for my Facebook Fan Page all day yesterday.


Hero Wars: A New Hope / Artist: Avery FlynnAvery Flynn (Hero Wars: A New Hope)

Fellow Waterworld Mermaid sister Avery Flynn was the first of my friends to jump forth into the breach and therefore inspire many more covers in her wake.

Avery and I have a history of silliness together, as evidenced by this impromptu video interview we put together last year at the WRWDC Writing retreat. (I still have no idea why it seemed to have filmed in mirror-image.)

You can find out more about the fabulous Avery Flynn, her antics, and her latest sexy book releases at her website:

Avery’s cover was revealed in the crossposted blog entry that appeared on the Waterworld Mermaids blog.


Real Herowives of ArillandAlethea Kontis (The Desperate Herowives of Arilland; HERO: A Fabulous Boy and His Sandwich)

Some of you might remember–back in February, after my grandmother’s funeral, I stayed with my sister Cherie and we took this picture of her, posing like Saturday Woodcutter in her velour tracksuit of the same color as the dress on the cover.

The second after I came up with this April Fool’s prank, I knew that I wanted to use the Cherie image for my HERO spoof cover. I dusted off my photoshop skills to add multiple Cocos (Cherie’s toy shih-poo) and change the title, in honor of the vapid crap my big sister actually made me watch. *sigh*

But as the day went on yesterday, I had so much fun revealing all the covers in all their various locations that I decided to make another one. I incorporated an idea the Faory Godboyfriend had along with a picture of my brother West I had been saving and…VOILA. The Boy and His Sandwich was born.

Hero: The Fabulous SandwichI am only sad I didn’t end up making a cover that featured Soteria as well.

The Cherie cover was featured on this website yesterday as the new cover reveal.

The West cover was featured on the Books page of my bibliography (where the placeholder image for HERO is now.)


I hope you all had as much fun as I did hunting down all these different covers yesterday. And to the one or two folks who might have thought any of these covers was serious, I sincerely apologize. HERO 4.2 will be coming, and it will be amazing.

IN THE MEANTIME…are you sad you missed out on the fun? Are you jonesing to make YOUR VERY OWN SPOOF COVER OF HERO? Well, now’s your chance.

Using the HERO Spoof Cover Template (or not), create your most gorgeous and/or hilarious image and send it to me (akontis at gmail). I will post all of the covers on Facebook in the HERO 4.1 April Fool’s Day Project Album. Whichever one has the most “Likes” by the time I leave for WRWDC (let’s see…we’ll call that April 18th), the artist will receive A SIGNED COPY OF THE HERO ARC.

Here’s your template:

HERO 4.1 Spoof Template (courtesy of Harcourt Books)

Go forth and make good art!




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WRW’s Marlene Contest Now Open for Entries!

It’s that time of year again! And yes, before you ask, I completely support this contest and have no qualms about it having an entry fee. There needs to be a limited amount of entries, and all entrants will receive feedback on their manuscripts.

If you look closely, you’ll see that YOURS TRULY is the celebrity prize critiquer for the YA category, and my fabulous Fairy Godmother Editor at Harcourt Children’s Books is the celebrity judge!

Effectively, you will get what you pay for in this contest. So don’t delay!


‘Tis the season, not just for Santa, but for your chance to have your unpublished manuscript seen, critiqued and (for the finalists) win wonderful prizes, including evaluation by some of the top editors in the romance genre.  Three of our 2012 winners received book contracts, two of them as a direct result of the contest.

The Marlene Awards competition runs until midnight EST, January 15.  Complete information can be found at (, but let’s cut straight to the good stuff.  The finalist judges and prize critiquers in each category are:
Series Contemporary
Judge: Johanna Raisanen, Harlequin
Critique Author: Darlene Gardner

Single Title
Judge: Esi Sogah, Avon
Critique Author: Susan Donovan

Judge: Latoya Smith, Grand Central
Critique Author: Darynda Jones

Judge: Leah Hultenschmidt, Sourcebooks
Critique Author: Kieran Kramer

Romantic Elements
Judge: Rhonda Helms, Carina Press
Critique Author: Mary Burton

Young Adult
Judge: Reka Simonsen, Harcourt Children’s Books
Critique Author: Alethea Kontis

The winner in each category also receives a pendant in honor of her (or his) achievement.  All finalists receive certificates, and everyone who enters gets at least three fresh sets of eyes on their manuscript–a prize all by itself.

What are you waiting for? Enter today!

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Happy Halloween!

Happy Great Pumpkin Day, everyone!

Looks like I’ll be running straight from the HERO revision into NaNoWriMo (for which I will be trying to knock out as much of BELOVED as I can), so the blog’s going to stay pretty sparse for a while.

But here are some great things happening today around the intarwebs, so you can start treating yourself early!


* Come Trick or Treat in the Waterworld Mermaid Lagoon! To celebrate our month of ghost stories, the Waterworld Mermaids are giving away a trick or treat bag full of goodies for every reader that includes books, candy, swag and a $25 gift certificate! JUST CLICK HERE.

* Want a sneak peek/listen of the wicked little opening chapter of HERO? Just pop on over to the Once And Future Podcast for their 2012 Halloween special! You can enjoy all new spooktacular tales read by their authors: Alethea Kontis, Amber Benson, Anton Strout, Faith Hunter, Daniel Marks, Jaye Wells, and Yasmine Galenorn. (And if you just want me, since I’m on the Disney-level of spooky, my reading is FIRST, but the whole podcast is well worth the listen!.) JUST CLICK HERE.

* It’s Aletheapalooza over at Book in the Bag — two days ago there was a great double-review for both THE WONDERLAND ALPHABET and the ALPHAOOPS books. Today it’s Writer Wednesday, and there’s a really long and really fun interview with MOI. CLICK ON OVER AND CHECK THEM OUT!

* If you’re interested in buddying up for NaNoWriMo, here’s my profile link. I always attempt Nano every year, and not once have I ever made it to 50,000 words. But I still end up having a VERY productive November. And who knows…one year, I might actually get there!

* And don’t forget — there’s always fun and games to be had over at the AlphaOops: H is for Halloween official website! JUST CLICK HERE!


Be safe tonight, kiddies. If you’re still in the Wrath of Sandy, stay in. (We made it through unscathed.) The Fairy GodBoyfriend and I are going to stay in, order Chinese, watch the Great Pumpkin, the Face Off Finale (I hope Nicole wins!) and Cabin in the Woods.

And no…I won’t be dressing up. I dress up most of the rest of the year. Halloween is the day I can let my hair down. The ghosties will never recognize me without my tiara. 🙂

What are your plans?


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Guest Vlog at Bitten By Books

When Bitten By Books asked me if I would like to do a guest post, Rachel and I bounced some ideas back and forth. I’m always up for doing something different, and Rachel was in the market for more vlog (video blog) content.

VOILA! A match made in heaven.

So here’s my guest post — it’s live today. Just click right here and see what a fool I made of myself in front of the web camera.

The topic? My fictional first loves. Who are yours?

Visit the BBB blog and comment — you’ll have a chance to win a signed audiobook (and swag, of course). The contest is open internationally. Please spread the word!

And don’t be surprised if you see my princess face dropping by the BBB site more often…

Edited to add: Here’s the direct link to the Rafflecopter giveaway. But do please stop by the blog and say hi as well! (Make me look popular.)



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