Princess Alethea’s Fairy Tale Theatre: Episode 18

Episode 18: “Sweetheart Roland” (8:58)

Imagine, after escaping from certain death and all you had been through together, that your sweetheart leaves you for another woman. At the end of the story it sounds like Roland had been put under a spell by this woman, but I didn’t really get that while I was reading it. See what you think. Will the stepdaughter and Roland *really* live happily ever after?

Also: that must have been some apron. Two people died for it! (I do love the idea of talking blood drops, though.)



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Princess Alethea’s Fairy Tale Theatre: Episode 17

Episode 17: “The White Snake” (9:35)

Whenever I read this type of story I always wonder who it was that first ate a white snake and realized he could suddenly hear animals speak. For that matter, I would love to see a fairy tale version of Chopped. “In your entree basket: “Whole duck, leg of Horse, White Snake, and an apple from the Tree of Life. You have thirty minutes. Time starts…now!” Can you imagine what magical powers that dish would have? Wow!

(Production note: You might notice a very loud bird that did not have the courtesy to shut up while I was recording this episode. I let it be…I felt a chirping bird was rather appropriate for a story about a man given the power to talk to animals.)


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Princess Alethea’s Fairy Tale Theatre: Episode 16

Episode 16: “The Straw, the Coal, and the Bean” (3:07)

This little tale reminds us that busting a gut while laughing is a time-honored tradition. It also tells us why all beans have black seams.

I must say, though…I have never felt bad for a bean in my entire life. That must have been one very unique tailor.



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B&G&B&G on Cast Macabre

My Civil War ghosty-story “Blue and Gray & Black and Green” is now up for your listening enjoyment at Cast Macabre.

I’m so glad this story was picked up for podcasting, as it works best as a told story. Barry J. Northern’s voice also adds that gorgeous level of mystique.

Do you know anything about the General Jenkins house in Green Bottom West Virginia? There is very little information out there. Do you like ghosts? Were you ever a little boy (ir wished you were)? You should listen to this story. And then come back and let me know what you think!

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Princess Alethea’s Fairy Tale Theatre: Episode 15

Episode 15: “The Little Folks’ Presents” (5:41)

Yet another cautionary tale about the dangers of greed. You know, I really wish karma worked this well and this swiftly in real life.


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Princess Alethea’s Fairy Tale Theatre: Episode 14

Episode 14: “Cinderella” (16:20)

I meant to post this famous fairy tale last week for Mother’s Day. Of all the fairy tales, I feel this one most epitomizes a mother’s love for her daughter. (If it hadn’t been for those angelic pigeons, Cinderella would have been royally screwed.) Upon reading it again, I noted two things: 1.) Cinderella is a total crybaby and 2.) Cinderella’s father is a complete jerk. Wow. Seriously. Listen and tell me what you think.

“Cinderella” by the Brothers Grimm, read by Alethea Kontis

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While You’re Listening…

…I’ll add a bit more to your podcasty day.

There’s a great interview on Pendragon Variety on writing and editing and sundries with my good friend Edmund Schubert, writer and editor of Orson Scott Card’s Intergalactic Medicine Show. I highly recommend it. There are some good things in here. Plus, Edmund has a GREAT speaking voice. Hearing it just made me miss him all over again.

My favorite line: “The extent of my qualifications was that I was willing to give it a try.”

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Princess Alethea’s Fairy Tale Theatre: Episode 13

Episode 13: “Old Rinkrank” (4:47)

Since I had Kassidy and Ariell with me for Take Your Princess-in-Training to Work Day, they joined me for this particular fairy tale podcast. We had a great time, so they might be joining me for podcasts in the future…watch for it!


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Princess Alethea’s Fairy Tale Theatre: Episode 12

Episode 12: “Clever Gretel” (5:22)

If you’re ever in the market for a peaceful servant, never hire a woman wearing red heels.

Watch Princess Alethea’s Rant about this fairy tale here:

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Princess Alethea’s Fairy Tale Theatre: Episode 11

Episode 11: “Fitcher’s Bird” (8:07)

Known also as “Fitcher’s Brides” and “Bluebeard,” this is the infamous fairy tale about a serial killer. Fair warning: the story does contain scenes where maidens are hacked to bloody pieces. But worry not, for everything turns out okay in the end…if mass-murderous revenge is your idea of “okay.”

What lessons do we take from this story? Well, if a strange man tells you not to go into a locked room and then gives you the key anyway, IT’S A TRAP. Also, eggshells are incredibly porous.

Happy Easter!

Check out Princess Alethea’s YouTube Video Rant about this fairy tale HERE.


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