Princess Alethea at RoberCon



I am so excited to announce that I will be heading to Binghampton, New York September 29th and 30th for RoberCon! 

Here is where you can find me during the convention:

Saturday, September 29th

1PM – Aiming for the Middle (Grades): How to Write Fiction for Young Adults
Location: Activity Lab (second floor of museum)
Presenters: Paul D. Smith (moderator), Tamora Pierce, Timothy Liebe, Alethea Kontis, Julie
Description: Middle-grade and young-adult fiction are among the most popular types of literature on the
market. What are the secrets of writing for youths? How do you keep young people interested in
reading? What do young readers want to read about? All are welcome as we talk about
literature for this fascinating age group.

4PM – From Dark to Light: The Different Shades of Urban Fantasy
Location: Activity Lab (second floor of museum)
Presenters: Nancy Holzner (moderator), Anne Bishop, C.W. Briar, Alethea Kontis, Deborah
Description: Urban fantasy is a broad genre that ranges from light, humorous stories to tales so dark they
bleed into horror. Panelists will discuss different shades of fantasy and where their work fits on
the spectrum.

Sunday, September 30th

10AM – Rethinking ‘Happily Ever After’: Turning Fairy Tales on Their Heads
Location: Activity Lab (second floor of museum)
Presenters: Crystal Sarakas (moderator), Alethea Kontis, Deborah Blake, Nancy Holzner
Description: Sleeping Beauty. Little Red Riding Hood. Hansel and Gretel. Fairy tales are as popular as ever,
but how do we keep adding new twists to old stories? Hear from authors who have taken these
traditional tales and given them a 21st-century spin.

11AM – The Unusual Suspects: Unexpected Creatures in Urban Fantasy
Location: Activity Lab (second floor of museum)
Presenters: Nancy Holzner (moderator), Anne Bishop, C.W. Briar, Deborah Blake, Alethea
Description: Urban fantasy draws from many different folklores and mythologies. This panel examines
paranormal characters and creatures apart from the vampires and werewolves that have
dominated books and TV shows over the past 20 years.

12PM – Tales from the Word Trade: Bestselling Authors Share Their Stories
Location: Carousel Theater (first floor of museum)
Presenters: Anne Bishop, Tamora Pierce, Alethea Kontis, Crystal Sarakas (moderator)
Description: Every aspiring writer dreams of making it on the bestselling lists. Join us for a conversation with
three bestselling authors – Tamora Pierce, Alethea Kontis and guest of honor Anne Bishop – to
find out how they did it and whether it’s everything they dreamed about.

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Dragon Con Schedule


We’re just 6 days away from the start of Dragon Con, and I cannot wait to see you all there!  This year is made even more special because WHEN TINKER MET BELL is nominated for a Dragon Award! If you haven’t voted yet, it’s open to everyone and I would be thrilled if you would give me your vote.

Dragon Con is filled with chances to meet up, say hi, and snag a signed copy of one of my books, here’s where you can find me!

Thursday, August 30th at 7:00pm – Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Stygian Masquerade Party – Regency VI-VII – Hyatt

Friday, August 31st at 2:30pm – 15-Minute Mentor Session – Embassy G – Hyatt

Friday, August 31st at 5:30pm – An Hour with Sherrilyn Kenyon – Centennial I – Hyatt

Friday, August 31st at 7:00pm – Princess Alethea’s Traveling Sideshow – A707 – Marriott

Saturday, September 1st at 10am – Dragon Con Parade

Saturday, September 1st at 2:30pm – Casting Your Novel – Embassy EF – Hyatt

Saturday, September 1st at 4:00pm – Autographing Session – International Hall South 4-5 – Marriott

Sunday, September 2nd at 4:00pm – Reading Session – Marietta – Hyatt

Sunday, September 2nd at 8:30pm – When Worlds Stop Coming – Embassy CD – Hyatt

If I have any book inventory still left on Monday, keep an eye on my Instagram and Twitter to find out my Monday Mystery location will be!

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Countdown to Princess Alethea’s Traveling Sideshow

Hello, everyone! We’re exactly a week away from this year’s Sideshow at Dragon Con and I’m SO EXCITED!  We have a fabulous line-up of authors participating, awesome gift bags sponsored by Sherrilyn Kenyon for the first 40 attendees, and MORE! But first, let me tell you about our amazing authors!

Leanna Renee Hieber – Actress, playwright and author Leanna is the award-winning, bestselling author of Gothic Victorian Fantasy novels for adults and teens. A 4 time Prism Award winner for excellence in the genre of Fantasy Romance, Leanna’s books have been selected for national book club editions and translated into languages such as Complex Chinese, German and Polish. She is a proud member of performer unions Actors Equity and SAG-AFTRA, and lives in New York City where she is a licensed ghost tour guide and has been featured in film and television on shows like Boardwalk Empire. Find out more about Leanna and check out her amazing books at

Gray Rinehart – Growing up in Georgetown, South Carolina, Gray started writing in middle school, but “outgrew” it after college (excluding some professional publications) as he started his career in the United States Air Force. He retired as a Lieutenant Colonel in 2006. Near the middle of Gray’s militarycareer, he became more serious about writing. In 2004 he attended Orson Scott Card’s “Literary Boot Camp” and proceeded to publish his first short story in 2007. He logged his first “professional” sale in 2011 and continues working toward the goal of supporting his family as a full-time independent writer. Find out more about Gray, his books, and his music at

Mari Mancusi – Mari Mancusi always wanted a dragon as a pet. Unfortunately the fire insurance premiums proved a bit too large and her house a bit too small–so she chose to write about them instead. Today she works as an award-winning young adult author and freelance television producer, for which she has won two Emmys.When not writing about fanciful creatures of myth and legend, Mari enjoys traveling, cosplay, snowboarding, watching cheesy (and scary) horror movies, and her favorite guilty pleasure—playing videogames. A graduate of Boston University, she lives in Austin, Texas with her husband Jacob, daughter Avalon, and their two dogs. Learn more about Mari and check out her gorgeous books at

Diana Peterfreund – Diana Peterfreund has published ten novels for adults, teens, and kids, including the four-book Secret Society Girl series (Bantam Dell), the “killer unicorn novels” Rampant and Ascendant (Harper Teen), For Darkness Shows the Stars (a post-apocalyptic retelling of Jane Austen’s Persuasion), and Across a Star-Swept Sea (inspired by the classic series The Scarlet Pimpernel). Her newest novel, OMEGA CITY, is a contemporary adventure novel for younger readers set in a secret bunker city somewhere under modern Maryland.
Her works have been named to the New York Public Library’s Books for the Teen Age list, the Capitol Choices (metro DC-area) reading list, and the Texas Lonestar List, as well as having been named to Amazon’s Best Books of the Year. In addition, she’s written several critically acclaimed short stories and a variety of non-fiction essays about popular children’s literature. Diana lives outside Washington D.C., with her family. 
Learn more about Diana and her novels at

Zoraida Cordova – Zoraida Córdova is the author of The Vicious Deep trilogy, the On the Verge series, and the Brooklyn Brujas series. She loves black coffee, snark, and still believes in magic. She is a New Yorker at heart and is currently working on her next novel.  To check out her beautiful books and learn more about Zoraida, stop by

I am so happy to have so many veterans returning, and thrilled to welcome Zoraida to the Sideshow family! In the meantime, get in the spirit with our Exclusive printable Sideshow Coloring Sheet, and watch “The Little Mermaid” performance from last year’s Princess Alethea’s Traveling Sideshow (below)!!  And don’t forget to show your support for the Sideshow by purchasing one of our limited edition t-shirts (they WILL NOT be available at Dragon Con, so get yours NOW!)!!


Princess Alethea


Follow Alethea Kontis on Patreon:

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Countdown to the Sideshow

Happy Wednesday everyone!  We’re in the final countdown to Dragon Con and this year’s Traveling Sideshow. (Just 9 days left!!)  To help you pass the time, below is a printable coloring sheet of Kit Steele’s fabulous art, commissioned especially for this year’s Sideshow. We can’t wait to see you all at there!


Princess Alethea


Coloring Page DC 2017

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Hypericon 2017



Friday June 16th

3:00pm – Fantasy Writing – Alethea & Friends

5:00pm – Opening Ceremonies

Saturday June 17th

12:00pm – Main Event – Alethea Kontis

1:00pm – From Kickstarter to Patreon: Making Donations Work for You

2:00pm – More Than Ideas, Seeing a Writing Project Through

Sunday June 18th

1:00pm – Surprise Q&A

*Copies of my books are available in the vendor room through Gretchen’s Apothecary


And don’t forget to follow me on Patreon for all the latest updates on my projects!



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The Young Adult Summer Scavenger Hunt – #6


Welcome Hunters to stop #6 of The Young Adult Summer Scavenger Hunt! We hope you’re having a blast so far!  You have a lot of stops to make in order to find all the missing words, so just in case you’ve run into Saturday Woodcutter’s pirates along the way here is a link to the rules and map of participating authors.

Haven, Kansas

I’m also giving away some extra treasure to one lucky visitor, in the form of a paperback copy of my YA horror novel, HAVEN, KANSAS, as well as a code for an Audible edition of my YA novel, THE TRUTH ABOUT CATS AND WOLVES!  Just click HERE to enter!

The Truth About Cats & Wolves: A Nocturne Falls Universe Novel

And now, without further ado, here is your next Scavenger Hunt word!

Once upon a time, there lived A GIRL who believed in magic. Her best friend was a tree. And she loved books and the stories they told…so much that she grew up to write her own magical stories to share with the world. Stories that you can WIN!

So #jointhehunt and put all the words together (in order from 1 ~ 140) to reconstruct the “Secret Legend.” When you’re done, enter the grand prize here. If you have any questions, make sure to visit the main post and list of participating authors here.


Princess Alethea

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Dragon Con and Princess Alethea’s Traveling SideShow


With Dragon Con over for another year, I wanted to say thank you to all my wonderful friends who helped make Princess Alethea’s Traveling SideShow a huge success again this year. Thank you to Leanna Renee Hieber for being my bridge, for making people laugh, and for being with me since the beginning. Thank you to Mari Mancusi for being the most hilarious Katniss while looking fierce as Jedi Rapunzel. Thank you to Gray Rinehart for Ship With No Name, possibly the funniest song I’ve heard in my life. Thank you to E.C. Myers. Eugene my prince, and S.J. Tucker, Sooj my Enchantress, for joining me in my shenanigans and being a part of, what I consider, the best SideShow yet!! But most of all, thank you to my Brute Squad for having my back, joining in the fun, and helping make my SideShow the best it can be!



The Daily Dragon says that Princess Alethea’s Traveling SideShow is a “fantastic event that everyone should experience at least once.” You can read the full (AMAZING) review HERE!




Also, if you enjoyed Princess Alethea’s Traveling Sideshow, please, please go into the Dragon Con app and give us a starred rating! Ratings help the Dragon Con Powers That Be decide which panels/programs will be asked back next year!



And if you love Princess Alethea’s Traveling Sideshow and want to show your support, you can still purchase year’s commemorative original tee! and w/black lettering: