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For those interested in supporting Princess Alethea on Patreon, I have rejiggered my page — the monthly pledge is not just for Fairy Tale Rants anymore, it’s for EVERYTHING I WRITE.


Support Princess Alethea on Patreon!

Support Princess Alethea on Patreon!


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TRIXTER Tees Now Available!

We’ve appeased the Brute Squad…now we have to tackle ALL THE BOOKS OF ARILLAND. Starting with Trixter, because you know Trix Woodcutter would demand that his t-shirt be done FIRST…

TRIXTER tee varieties

TRIXTER (gold):
TRIXTER: (blue/gold):
TRIXTER (green):

ALL T-SHIRTS $19.99!
Each style available in FIVE different colors
Click the image to mix and match!

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Official Princess Alethea T-Shirts Now Available!

That’s right: Official Princess Alethea Brute Squad T-Shirts are now available from Amazon — only $19.99 for a limited time!

Each design is available in FIVE different colors — Men’s, Women’s & Children’s sizes (relaxed fit). Click through to mix and match your favorite combination and ORDER TODAY!

Princess Alethea’s Brute Squad (double-sided) Lavender:
Brute Squad Blue/Gold Fancy Shield:
Brute Squad Purple/Green Fancy Shield:
Princess Alethea’s Brute Squad (double-sided) Black:
Princess Alethea’s Brute Squad (double-sided) White:
Large Brute Squad Shield (white):
Large Brute Squad Shield (black):
Med Brute Squad Shield (black):

Princess Alethea's Brute Squad T-Shirts

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Alethea Kontis Author Photos (lo-res)

IMG_9840Alethea WW Parade 2017AK OzmaunspecifiedLeelee Stardust

Alethea Kontis

Princess Alethea -- DragonCon 2011

Parade (Dark-Hunters) 2014

Signing at FaerieCon East 2013

Princess Alethea Reading

Princess Alethea & the Gelett Burgess Medal

The Most Spectacular Birthday Princess Ever!

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Alethea Kontis Author Photos (high-res)

Alethea Kontis, courtesy Lumos Studio

Alethea Kontis, courtesy Lumos Studio

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