It’s An Honor to be Nominated…Again!

I’ve had a really strange experience with contests in the RWA (Romance Writers Association).

The year Enchanted came out, I asked my publisher for a box of books so that I might submit them to a bunch of RWA Chapter contests. I mean, Enchanted won the Gelett Burgess Award right out of the gate, so it was a shoe in for any others, right? I wanted to win them all. I especially wanted the Fantasy, Futuristic & Paranormal (FF&P) Chapter‘s coveted PRISM award, since my bestie Leanna had walked away with TWO the previous year.

Leanna Renee Hieber: Award Winning Goofball Whom I Love to Death

I spent a LOT of money in shipping and contest entry fees. I submitted to about six Chapter contests. Enchanted finaled in only one of them.

Le sigh.

Even worse, in the confusion my publisher assumed I had taken the reins completely and was sending books and fees in to every RWA contest…which meant Enchanted completely missed being submitted to the RITA for consideration at all.

Le double-sigh.

This year, I saved my time and money. I did not enter any of the RWA Chapter contests. Hero was submitted for the RITA by my publisher, per usual. Due to some new rules-wrangling, the RITA Awards won’t even have a YA category this year.

Le triple-sigh.

HOWEVER…I lied. I did submit to one Chapter contest. I didn’t tell my publisher about it. (Heck, I don’t even think I told the Mermaids about it.) At the very last second, the 11th hour, last-call for submissions, I entered Hero into the PRISM. And then, as always, life got crazy and I just forgot about it…

…until now, when I just opened the email telling me that Hero is a finalist for this year’s PRISM Award, to be presented at RWA Nationals in San Antonio. And I just so happen to be attending Nationals this year because Kerri Mermaid talked me into being her roommate.


Thanks, Kerri.

Now if I win that darned thing, I promise to take a picture just like Leanna’s. 🙂

Hero Paperback Cover



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Princess Alethea Rants “The Godfather”

It’s Monday again (can you believe it?) and a new Fairy Tale Rant is live!

Check out my take on a creepy short, fun & strange  Grimms’ tale called “The Godfather.”

As always, if you would like to support Princess Alethea’s Fairy Tale Rants for as little as $1 per new video posted, click on over to Patreon and share the love! xox

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Princess Alethea Rants With As Few Edits As Possible

Now that Mom has seen this and I know I can’t get in any more trouble, here’s last Monday’s Fairy Tale Rant…xox

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Princess Alethea Rants…With Casey!

A very special EPIC FAIRY TALE RANT is now live…featuring my bestest friend Princess Casey!

As always, please enjoy, share, and support Fairy Tale Rants with your donations (click here for details)!

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Fairy Tale Podcast

The Birthday Princess!Yesterday, I posted about how I am now eligible for this year’s Parsec Awards because I have been narrating stories for Cast of Wonders and Pseudopod.

Sometimes The Brain, she no work.

The podcasts I post here (also available via iTunes) are called “Princess Alethea’s Fairy Tale Theatre.” The works I have that are eligible for this year’s awards are:

Episode 24: “The Companionship of the Cat and The Mouse”:

Episode 25: “The Marvelous Minstrel”:



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2014 Parsec Awards

Hey guys! The Parsec Awards are kind of new to me. Now that I’ve been doing more on the narration front, I’m eligible! How exciting!

This year’s eligibility window is May 1, 2013 to April 30, 2014.

The stories I have narrated are:

“The Monster & Mrs. Blake” (written and narrated by Alethea Kontis):

“Ieia” (by SJ Bickley):

“Abigail” for Pseudopod (written by Hunter Gray):

I encourage you to give them all a listen and vote for your favorite…but if you can’t decide, I’d love for you to pick “The Monster & Mrs. Blake”!


The nomination window is open until May 31st, 2014, so spread the word on whatever social media platforms you like. Both Cast of Wonders and Pseudopod are eligible in the “Best Speculative Fiction Magazine or Anthology Podcast” category and I’m sure they’d also love your support.

Thank you!

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Alethea’s BEA 2014 Schedule

Signing at FaerieCon East 2013For those friends attending BEA — here’s where I’ll be:

May 29-June 1
New York, NY
* Thursday May 29, 11am signing at SFWA Booth
* Thursday May 29, 7pm Audie Awards
* Friday May 30, 2pm signing at SFWA booth
* Saturday May 31 10am signing at RWA Booth


So far, for side activities I also plan to attend the BAEN party on Friday night, and Lady Jane’s Salon on Monday evening (I’m not performing, just attending).

Also, it looks like I will be signing HARDCOVER COPIES OF HERO during all of these signings. My publisher made it sound like there won’t be enough (or any?) DEAREST ARCs available…but last year I signed about four boxes of HERO ARCs for five hours that weren’t supposed to be there either. So you never know. I won’t hold my breath, and just hope to be pleasantly surprised.

Hope to see you there!

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Celebrate Children’s Book Week!

Tiara time! Princess Alethea shares one of her favorite childhood stories for Children’s Book Week and invites you to share your own!

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Princess Alethea Rants…With Friends!

Proceed with caution. xox

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Princess of Niagara, Part Deux

…and then there was this.

Brethtaking Rainbow, Niagara Falls

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