Princess Alethea Rants About “Riffraff”

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In Which Princess Alethea rants about the Grimm’s fairy tale “Riffraff.”
And no…she’s still not home yet.

WARNING: This fairy tale makes no sense at all. But it’s short, which is always a bonus for something that makes no sense at all.

2 Responses to “Princess Alethea Rants About “Riffraff””

  1. HIlaire Says:

    A thimble full. heh

  2. Carrie Marie Says:

    I’m thinking a quick dunking in the glass would be quite enough…

    Idk what I’d consider riff raff anymore, but “riff” makes me think of this online comic I used to read (Sluggy). I think I’ll see if it’s still around.

    *HUGS* stay safe! keeping the prayers up!

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