In Which Princess Alethea Inspires You

Princess Alethea, Jan 2014I was invited by the Magical Words folks to write four inspirational blog posts, each one posted on a Monday in the month of January.

Missed any or all of them? Here are the links for your convenience. Enjoy!


Jan 6th: The Danny Ocean Moment — “Next time you’re stuck in a situation you can’t get out of, put on your Danny Ocean Hat.”

Jan 13th: The Fiction of a Writer’s Life — “Being a full time writer means that I don’t have business hours anymore. There is no longer a time I “normally” get up or go to bed. I have no sense of weekdays or weekends. There is only “working” and “feeling guilty about not working.””

Jan 20th: The Year Without A Book — “I might have a whole year, but it’s not like I have all the time in the world or anything. I think a year is enough. A year in which I refuse to disappoint my fans…or disappoint myself.”

Jan 27th: I Have No Bad Guys — “Write what you know. Be true to your characters. Be true to your world. Be true to yourself.”

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  1. Annie Says:

    I adore these posts! I appreciate the glimpse they provide into your life and your willingness to be vulnerable to your readers because as an aspiring author it’s good to see that published life isn’t all peaches and cream. And it is inspiring to hear how you’re adapting to the changes you weren’t expecting in your 2013 and 2014 and your decision to turn your focus to what you can do instead of what you can’t.

    And I LOVED the Danny Ocean moment. I’d never thought of approaching a story quite like that but I think it’s kind of brilliant to sit back and look at the pieces you have to work with in a story and then approach it in that way and let it play out. Really cool and something I’d love to try 🙂

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