Princess Alethea Rants About “Foundling”

A New Fairy Tale Rant is Live!

Today, Princess Alethea rants about the Grimm’s fairy tale “Foundling.” This fairy tale was the basis for the character Trix in the Woodcutter Sisters series…fans of Enchanted will especially enjoy seeing how aspects of this tale were woven into the novel.


3 Responses to “Princess Alethea Rants About “Foundling””

  1. Sarah Says:

    Well, alive is good.
    As a note, in the version of this story I read, the cook goes to drink the pond and then the duck grabs her head and holds her under until she drowns.
    Thanks for another fairytale rant! I always enjoy reading them!

  2. Sarah Says:

    Well, listening to them. Whatever. You know what I mean!

  3. Princess Alethea Says:


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