Princess Alethea Rants About “Briar Rose”

A new fairy tale rant for you!

No, the original title was NOT “Sleeping Beauty”…

3 Responses to “Princess Alethea Rants About “Briar Rose””

  1. Sarah Says:

    O_o Wow. The original is way more different from the well-known version than I knew. Though I kind of like that it wasn’t actually true love in the end, because that’s one of the problems I see with the Briar Rose story- how, for the love of dragons, did the princess/the spell/whatever know that the prince was the princess’s true love?

    My favorite fairytale is, without a doubt, The Twelve Dancing Princesses. My second choice is either King Thrushbeard or Rapunzel.

    Thanks for the fairy-tale rant! I really enjoy watching/listening to them!

  2. Mom Kontis Says:

    I love listening to your videos, it’s like having you here telling me a story. I miss you.

  3. Princess Alethea Says:

    I miss you too!! xox

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