Her Majesty’s Dead Robots

Okay, first…can I just say…now that I’ve written the title to this blog post, I really want to go write the short story that goes along with it. *sigh*

What the title ACTUALLY references is my guest spot on Justin Macumber’s Dead Robots’ Society podcast.

I had a GREAT time talking to Justin and Paul and Terry last night — that’s right, LAST NIGHT. Apparently, when Justin said, “I’ll get this edited and on the site right away,” what he meant was, “within the hour.”

So I don’t even really have time to waste talking up this really fun live interview (in which I talk about my birth as a writer, my fairy tale of getting published, and my hatred for being called “ALTHEA”). Let’s just skip all the hype and go straight to the main event, shall we?


Warning: I talk a lot in this one. Again. I know…the podcast interview is with ME, and the whole point is for ME to talk, and it’s better that I’m a guest who talks than one who doesn’t…but I still feel like a HUGE blabbermouth every time I finish one of these things. I promise, I will make a concerted effort in the future to let me host get a word in edgewise. Thankfully, I think Justin still loves me. 🙂

Also, check out Justin’s fabulous new book, A Minor Magic, here!

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  1. Lady Hannah Says:

    Wow, recorded last night and it’s up ALREADY? I went to the website to see it and it’s over an hour so I’m definitely going to have to have a look at it later today or tomorrow when I have some time. 🙂 I skipped through it a tad bit though, sorry Princess Alethea! It’s just that’s the kind of girl I am, I can’t stand suspense, I read the last page of a book just so I can have the relief of knowing the star lives. So now you see why I had to ‘preview it’ as it were.

    I did hear some fowl language… not from you I don’t think but the interviewer, I hope my Mum’s okay with us listening to it. Is it rated G? LOL

  2. Princess Alethea Says:

    I rate everything I do PG-13.
    I try not to promote foul language in a live interview, but sometimes it just happens.

  3. Lady Hannah Says:

    LOL I heard most of it yesterday, and it was definitely worth listening to! And you did NOT talk to much. Like you said, interviews where the author just answers “yes that’s right” and “no not really” aren’t very entertaining or enlightening if you ask me.

    So that ‘YA Horror’ book you wrote, that you thought was set in a fictional place that turned out to be a real location… you said you went there to do research on the place? Is that because once you realized it was real you had to get all your facts straight? I think it would have been easier to just rename it so you could make everything up yourself.

  4. Lady Hannah Says:

    Oh and that’s a pretty good disclaimer “be advised, I may have written a children’s book but things I say and do could often be rated PG 13.” Hahah!!

    I forgot to say in my last comment that I thought what you said about your “fainting couch” was hilarious. XD

  5. Princess Alethea Says:

    LOL — thanks!

    And hey…email me your mailing address so I can send you the copy of HERO that you won. Your first cover got the most hits on Facebook — I think because people thought that was the ACTUAL new cover! It was so great!

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