No..wait! It’s not what you think!

A while back, fellow Mermaid author Carlene Love Flores dropped me a line to tell me about a really cool project her neice was doing in school.

“Alex’s 8th grade class is doing a group assignment where they have been asked to design a new cover of one of their favorite books and then all these new covers will be made into a quilt.  My niece decided to do Enchanted.”

Unfortunately, the Enchanted square was not selected for the quilt…but that doesn’t make it ANY LESS AWESOME. In this era of cover reveals and cloverflipping, I am honored to have such amazing fan art in my corner!

So, to celebrate this week’s release of Enchanted in paperback, I present to you: Alex’s fabulous new Enchanted cover!

Please gush in the comments accordingly. Thanks!!!

Alex's Enchanted Cover

I totally LOVE this frog. And the heart! Just like when I sign my books! So awesome.

If you (or someone you love) has designed a new fan cover for any of my books, please don’t hesitate to share! xox


9 Responses to “ENCHANTED’s New Cover”

  1. Mom Kontis Says:

    I love the way the heart is trailing from your name. Sooooo romantic. Great frog!

  2. Liz ansley Says:

    Wow…I wish I could draw like that.

  3. Lady Hannah Says:

    I’m trying to figure out… is that a tear in the frogs’ eye or a water droplet from his pond/bucket he swims in? Perhaps he has tears in his eyes because he knows he could never be the kind of friend to Sunday that he’d like to be. LOVELY PICTURE ALEX! Bravo!

  4. Carlene Love Flores Says:

    Awww, it looks great! And thank you so much for sharing it, Alethea. You are a wonderful princess and wonderful friend. xoxo, Carlene

  5. Claudia Says:

    Creativity & talent springs eternal! So glad to see it represented so beautifully in the next generation. Kudos to Alexandria, Carlene, and Alethea for being so generous sharing the waters in the talent pond. Beautiful!

  6. Liliana Flores Says:

    Alethea thank you for encouraging my daughter to express herself thru art. I’m sure this opportunity will motivate many children.

    Thank you!!

  7. Alexandria Soto Flores Says:

    Thank you , I am so honored to have my picture up on your website . You’re book was fantastic and I’ve recommend your book to many of my friends as well.

  8. Princess Alethea Says:

    *hugs Alex*
    *hugs everyone*
    *hugs Alex again*

    You guys are AWESOME. I don’t even know what else to say!

  9. Michelle Ristuccia Says:

    I love the frog and the composition the best!

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