483rd Time’s the Charm

…at least, that FEELS like how many HERO cover reveals I’ve had to date. But this one is For Real and For True…and already up via publisher feed at Amazon UK. (But don’t ask me why the UK seems to have a December release date — I don’t know that answer yet.)

One again, Art Director Christine Kettner has hit it out of the park.

But my favorite part might possibly be the tagline.


7 Responses to “483rd Time’s the Charm”

  1. Lady Hannah of New England Says:

    So Princess Alethea, THIS is the FINAL cover art?? Or is this just the UK version?

  2. Princess Alethea Says:

    Yup, it’s final — there is no “UK version”, because the UK has not yet purchased rights. They’ll be buying US stock.

  3. Mom Kontis Says:

    WOW! Does that mean that all the swag you’ve already given away is now collectible?

  4. Lady Hannah Says:

    Wow, so the aqua blue dress is now a thing of the past huh? Interesting thought Mum Kontis! o_o Quite clever actually, you could make a great deal of money selling these “special limited editions” of your book couldn’t you!

  5. Mom Kontis Says:

    That might be something her fans would/could do BUT not something Alethea or her family would ever do. They would have to answer to me!

  6. Princess Alethea Says:

    Lordy, I hope I’m famous enough one day that people are willing to pay scads of money for “limited editions”of my work!

    I’m just thrilled that the mother of the girl on the cover has contacted me…look for an interview with her, coming soon! xox

  7. Lady Hannah Says:

    That’s not something this fan would ever do either! If I got my hands on one of those books I’d hold it tight and never let it go! 😉 You mean you’re not quite that level of “famous” yet Alethea? I thought you were. The mother of the girl contacted you? This I can’t wait to hear more about. How did you even find the girl anyway? Did you sent out an audition form like they do for movies and plays?

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