Interview with Zoraida Cordova at Waterworld Mermaids

Zoraida, Queen of the MermaidsOver at the Waterworld Mermaids today I have a special treat for you: a LIVE VIDEO INTERVIEW that I did with mermaid novelist and fellow Harry Potter fan Zoraida Cordova.

Check it out HERE.

And I bet you thought you weren’t going to hear from me at all while I was off gallivanting at BEA.



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No..wait! It’s not what you think!

A while back, fellow Mermaid author Carlene Love Flores dropped me a line to tell me about a really cool project her neice was doing in school.

“Alex’s 8th grade class is doing a group assignment where they have been asked to design a new cover of one of their favorite books and then all these new covers will be made into a quilt.  My niece decided to do Enchanted.”

Unfortunately, the Enchanted square was not selected for the quilt…but that doesn’t make it ANY LESS AWESOME. In this era of cover reveals and cloverflipping, I am honored to have such amazing fan art in my corner!

So, to celebrate this week’s release of Enchanted in paperback, I present to you: Alex’s fabulous new Enchanted cover!

Please gush in the comments accordingly. Thanks!!!

Alex's Enchanted Cover

I totally LOVE this frog. And the heart! Just like when I sign my books! So awesome.

If you (or someone you love) has designed a new fan cover for any of my books, please don’t hesitate to share! xox


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In Which Princess Alethea Embraces Ubiquity

...and a REALLY great quote on the front.I’ve been out of it since Nebula Award weekend. To be fair, I did plan for it. I knew that I would have a week after traveling cross-country to get over whatever I needed to get over before BEA.

I did not, of course, plan to lose an entire day (last Thursday is around here SOMEWHERE) and then, you know, completely forget that the paperback of Enchanted released today. Because I totally didn’t! Okay…maybe I did. For a little while.

But I’m a good rabbit. I had preblogged most of this week, including my release day. I sent off an article to Joyce Lamb late last month. And I had just spent a lovely weekend in the company of Carrie, who happens to write for a well known romance blog.

And today, all of that exploded.

Read “Princess Alethea’s 11 Best Fairy Tale Films” on USA TODAY. (Look, Mom, they gave me a BYLINE!)

Check out Carrie’s review of Enchanted for Smart Bitches, Trashy Books (and discover why one should really take one’s time when devouring Enchanted…)

Then read Carrie’s interview with me that we did that last day at the Nebulas. Carrie did a TON of interviews that weekend, and rushed to get mine up for the book release. Thank you, Carrie! You’re the best! xox

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ENCHANTED now in Paperback!

I am proud to announce the birth of MY VERY FIRST NOVEL OUT IN PAPERBACK today!

Please buy ten copies for yourself and a few for all your friends. Make sure your local library has one, and your school library, and your kid’s classroom. Then tell everybody you know.  WE CAN HIT THE NEW YORK TIMES, PEOPLE!

Also, the book is GORGEOUS.

The paperback of ENCHANTED makes its pre-release debut!

...and a REALLY great quote on the front.

Some really great quotes on the back...

Get Enchanted in paperback on Amazon now for only $8.00!

If audio is more your style, don’t feel left out: the Audie Award-nominated Enchanted audiobook is now only $8.99!

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Washington Loves HERO!

I am proud to announce that HERO has been named the October 2013 selection for Washington Loves Romance!


Washington Loves Romance is an online book club for the many readers of romance fiction in all its forms with a special focus on the romance authors and readers in the metro Washington, D.C. area.

Each month readers will gather on Facebook to read and discuss two Washington Romance Writers’ books. Baltimore-based book blogger Mandi Schreiner with Smexy Books will moderate the discussion. At the end of each month, two lucky Washington Loves Romance readers will win a gift pack.

In addition, Washington Loves Romance will hold local get-togethers to give Washington Romance Writers’ authors and readers a chance to chat about their books and all things romance. One get-together attendee will win a Washington Romance Writers member swag bag given away during the get-together.

Not only will romance authors and readers get a chance to connect on a more personal level through Washington Loves Romance, they’ll be helping to fight illiteracy.

All profits from Washington Loves Romance branded items will be given to local literacy programs. Romance authors and readers, as well as others who want to help end illiteracy, should visit Washington Loves Romance’s CafePress shop to order T-shirts, bags, coffee mugs and other goodies today.


Follow Washington Loves Romance on Facebook:

To preorder HERO from Amazon: CLICK HERE


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Award-Winning Princess

Well, I may not have come home from California with the Norton, but I’m still an Award-Winning author. Here I am with Plot Bunny…and my Apex Readers Choice Award for “Blood From Stone”!

Award-Winning Princess

If you still haven’t checked out “Blood From Stone”, you can read it for free here:

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My BEA 2013 Schedule

(pinned to front page for easy access while at the convention…)

Hello, lovely people!

In an effort to get myself in order, here is my complete agenda (so far) for BEA week. Some things I will only be attending, not presenting (like the luncheon), but for everyone’s sanity (including mine), here is the full list of my scheduled commitments. The ones where I will be speaking/signing/freaking-out-about-winning-an-award will be in bold.

Wednesday, May 29th
3:00pm — Arrive in NYC
6:00pm – 8:00pm — YA/MG Panel at Books of Wonder

Thursday May 30th
9:00am to 11:00am — School Reading (Brooklyn)
2:00pm — Brilliance Publishing Author Panel (Mtg Room 1A01)
3:30pm – 4:00pm — Alethea signs ENCHANTED at the SFWA booth (#2625)
7:00pm – 9:00pm — Audie Awards Gala (NY Historical Society)

Friday, May 31st
10:00am – 10:30am — Alethea signs HERO (main author signing – table 25)
12:00 – 1:00pm — Brilliance Publishing Luncheon (Mtg Room 1A01)
2:00 pm — Leanna Renee Hieber signing at SFWA booth


Further updates as events warrant.

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“Small Magics” Available at Cast of Wonders

“Small Magics”, one of the very first short stories I ever wrote (and published), is now available on audio through Cast of Wonders. narrator is the wonderful Danielle Daly.

Listen here:

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Letter to My Child, Alethea

Yes, Sweetheart, I AM your biggest fan (don’t tell Dad!)

When you were little and they told us you were a gifted child we were so worried that we would somehow let you down as parents. It’s hard enough knowing what to do with a normal child but a gifted one?? What they didn’t tell us was that we need not worry. You would eventually learn to deal with life in your own special way. You would see the good in all things and make magic out of mayhem. Your mind would be able to create fantasy worlds full of love that you would put down on paper and share with the world.

Every time I read your blog or one of your stories I’m amazed at your talent. I am thrilled at your love of life and how you make every moment count for something. You have become a beautiful woman both inside and out. You have much to share with the world and you have found your medium, the written word.

I AM very proud of you. I am proud to say, “THAT’S MY DAUGHTER, PRINCESS ALETHEA!”

We were with you at the Nebulas. We found the live feed on the internet and were not surprised to find you front and center of the camera where you have always been most comfortable. Dad could not remain quiet but had to send you a text. We wanted you to know that we were with you. We will always be with you.

Much love, forever and ever until the end of time,

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Princess in Curlers

Dear Mom–

I’m writing this one for you, since you’re the most avid reader of my blog…and the real reason I’ve kept it going all these years. I’m sitting here in the hotel room in San Jose with Mary Robinette, waiting for my curlers to set before I put on the big fancy white awards ballgown (thank you for helping me fix the sleeves). You should see the dress Mary’s wearing. It’s FABULOUS.

I’m nervous…are you kidding? Of course I’m nervous! My odds of winning this thing aren’t good at all–not because I didn’t write an amazing book, but because there are an unprecedented TWELVE nominees in this category. I’ve prepared myself for the worst…and the best, just in case. You know me. I work best with a plan.

But this weekend has been incredibly wonderful. All the other attending Norton nominees and I have become great friends. Sarah, Eugene and Leah are awesome — you would like them a lot. I’ve also had a few of those amazing moments when those big names off the bookshelves in the library have come to life and spoken to me as a peer. Even after all this time, that’s still a little surreal. (Yesterday, Terry Bisson told Gregory Benford “That girl knows her stuff.” GRIN.)

It’s still a fairy tale land where I live, this place where the people I have admired all my life have suddenly become my peers. And I’m allowed to wear butterflies in my hair and leave glitter wherever I go and everyone likes me for being ME, and not someone else they really wish I was.

Once upon a time, you told me to write a fairy tale. And I did. And I kept writing them until Princess Casey turned into a girl named Sunday Woodcutter and had an adventure of her own. A chapter of that adventure will end–on or off stage–at a banquet tonight on the other side of the country (*waves east*), but nothing is over. Beginnings were made here this weekend. We made them. And we will celebrate them and leave a trail of glitter when we leave.

I hope you’re proud of me, Mom. I wish you were here…but I know you’re thinking about me. You and Dad are in my heart. And I promise to go back to work on Chapter Four of BELOVED the minute I get home.

It’s 4:30 now, and I suppose should dry my eyes, take my hair out of these curlers, and begin liberally sprinkling glitter all over the bathroom.
I love you!!

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