Princess Unbound

I have another fun and quirky interview today — my hosts are the lovely bloggers at Pages Unbound.

I also get to answer my favorite question: the “is there anything we forgot to ask you?”, or what I like to call The Blank Check.

What did I decide to ask myself on this particular occasion? There’s only one way to find out!

2 Responses to “Princess Unbound”

  1. Lady Hannah Says:

    So, who is this “Charlie?” I see you speak to him on Twitter a lot. (A.K.A ‘Sir Charles’) Is he an editor or something? Or your brother? 😉

  2. Princess Alethea Says:

    “Sir Charles” on Twitter is my friend Charles A Tan from the Philippines. He’s usually going to bed as I’m waking, and vice versa, so we exchange pleasantries.

    “Charlie” is Charlemagne Montesque the Marquis of Albec, my teddy bear. He comes with me to cons & book tours when the Fairy Godboyfriend can’t tag along.

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