A Loving Tribute

I can’t add all of the Dark-Hunter role players on Facebook to my friends list and I don’t have the time to play with them as much as I’d like, but the DH Origins folks have always been wonderful to me and treat me like family.

When I woke up to the usual 3am insomnia this morning, I had a present waiting for me from the Simi in the form of this beautiful slideshow video in honor of my grandmother. I’m so very touched I don’t know what to say…besides Thank You, Simi. With all my heart.


5 Responses to “A Loving Tribute”

  1. SimiDemon Xiamara Parthenopaeus Says:

    The biggest hugs to our Princess Alethea & know you are ALWAYS part of our DH Origins Family!

  2. Mom Kontis Says:

    That was amazing and beautiful and THANK YOU soooooo much!

  3. George Kontis Says:

    Can’t do that one with a dry eye!! What a magnificent piece of work! Thank you.
    Alethea’s Father

  4. Apollymia Great-Destroyer Says:

    Gazing into my Sfora & watching the music video that SimiDemon made for Princess Alethea Kontis, her Grandmother & her family, swallowing quite loudly eyes bright with tears * This is such a beautiful & loving tribute

  5. SimiDemon Xiamara Parthenopaeus Says:

    Waving like the demon she is to Mom & Dad Kontis & Grandmother Apollymia ~ The Simi was is so happy you loved the tribute… The Simi can tells you that she cried buckets & went through 2 1/2 boxes of tissues reading Princess Aletheas eulogy & making the pics for the vid

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