Killing Them Softly

I’m discussing the Killing of Darlings today over at the Waterworld Mermaid site.

“So…I didn’t end up completing NaNoWriMo. Again. And let’s be honest–I didn’t really try. I finished my third pass of revisions by November 10th or so, but sometimes a body just gets SO EXHAUSTED that it’s like getting the flu. Everything shuts down, emotionally and physically, and you can barely get out of bed. The worst part is, we somehow have to find a way to let our bodies do this, and heal.

Thank the Water Gods for Netflix.

I love watching full seasons of TV shows at a time. They’re fun and pass the time…but it’s difficult to see ten of them and not have the writer brain consider dialogue, pacing, and plot structure. This month, I’ve learned quite a bit from two shows: How I Met Your Mother and Grey’s Anatomy…”

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  1. Bonnie @ A Backwards Story Says:

    I only lasted a week or so. I knocked over some DVDs, found one that reminded me of a TV show, and realized how I can make the WIP I’ve picked up/put down for over a year more interesting, so…I stopped writing the new NaNo piece. I too, spent November with Netflix and DVDs researching. I’ll do my own personal NaNo in Jan or Feb. A couple of co-workers are in it with me. You can be our secret guest if you wish! ^.~

    When I saw the title of this post, I thought you were going to talk about the awesome fairy tale book by Sarah Cross that came out this year, KILL ME SOFTLY. Have you read that? OMG, SO GOOD!!!

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