“The Scientist’s Daughter” now live on YouTube!

Back in the summer of 2009, Stephen Segal at Weird Tales started a series called One-Minute Weird Tales, in which supershort flash fiction was set to music and aired on YouTube.

At Dragon*Con that year Stephen asked me to write something for this series, and I did. I even picked out the music. But while it was an awesome Alethea Kontis story, it wasn’t quite right for Weird Tales. Stephen later left Weird Tales and moved on, I later left Tennessee and moved on…though I always had it on the backburner to put the story an music together myself and post it to YouTube.

THREE YEARS LATER, here we are. Enjoy!

(Thanks again to Ego Likeness for “Burn Witch Burn”, used with permission.)

2 Responses to ““The Scientist’s Daughter” now live on YouTube!”

  1. Lady Hannah Says:

    That was very…. peculiar. Nicely done video… I can see how the song fit in and the font was lovely. But I expected it to have a more lively ending… I waited for it… the punch line… but I just don’t get it? So she somehow blew up the garage, her Mom and Dad will miss all their things but she managed to save her homework is that the point? Please don’t take what I said wrong, perhaps it’s just seeing something like that when I”m just on my way to bed is kind of odd.

    Thank you for taking the time to put that together and sharing it with the world on You Tube. I wish more authors did You Tube videos like that! It would be nice to have those things while you wait for their next book to be released. Like I can’t wait for your next book! Any news on when it might get onto the bookstore shelves?

  2. Princess Alethea Says:

    It’s all in the very last line.

    The whole story was inspired by these girls who used to sit behind me & Cathy in Sociology class, nattering their heads off THE WHOLE TIME. I wish I could remember how the space laser came about, though.

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