Fairy Godmother Carol

…but she wasn’t a Berning yet.

In honor of Fairy Godmothers’ Day, I present to you a page from the history book of one of my own Fairy Godmothers. At the age of 16, Carol traveled to Miami Beach, Florida with her family and sang “I Wish You Love” on the Ted Mack Amateur Hour show (brought to you by Geritol). The year was 1967.

Carol is positively WONDERFUL. And–apart from the hairstyle–she hasn’t changed one bit.

Happy Fairy Godmothers’ Day, Carol. I am a lucky princess to have you planting beans and killing chickens and watching out for me. I love you now and forever, until the end of time.  xox

Who are YOUR Fairy Godmothers? I urge you to reach out and wish them a Happy Fairy Godmothers’ Day!!