Bundles of Books Interview

Good morning, everyone!

Today I’m popping by the Bundles of Books blog to have tea and chat with Sam about life, the universe and everything YA.

Be sure to click over and read my lovely interview! (My interviews are always lovely. Besides, I might be talking about you.)


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After Lame, There is Only Awesome

a magical interview in which Avery Flynn and I are super punchy and MASSIVELY CUTE.

Also, I have no idea why it filmed backwards.

Oh  yeah…and you could win a copy of ENCHANTED!

Click on over to Avery’s blog & leave a comment. Be silly. Tell her I sent you. xox

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Calvin on Writing

I didn’t do very well in English class either.

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The “Sunday” Necklace

Launching the Dixie Dunbar Studio Fairy Tale line of jewelry is the “Sunday” necklace, inspired by the novel Enchanted.

The necklace is made of simple chain, as befits a Woodcutter’s daughter, but the asymmetrical design is pure elegance.

Like Sunday Woodcutter’s magical dress of silver and gold the third night of the prince’s ball, the Sunday necklace is comprised of silver- and gold-brass chains that sweep around the neck and culminate in a graceful central waterfall.

The Sunday necklace is affordably priced at only $90~

Click here to order your today!

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The Perils of Book Launching

I’ve learned so many things while launching Enchanted — I’m still learning.

And not all of these things are good.

Pop on over to the Waterworld Mermaids blog today, where I discuss the “Snakes and Snails” of launching a book.

And please feel free to add to “Princess Alethea’s Fairly Short List of Things No One Tells You When Your Book is Published.”

I’m curious as to what other suggestions everyone else has to offer!

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A Plethora of Updates

The trouble with going on book tour when your book comes out is that all these wonderful things happen online when you’re on the road! So, in no particular order:


Look Ma! I’m on stage directly after Neil Gaiman! Here is the online recording of the Nebula Awards Ceremony — I show up around 1:12:00, right after Neil Gaiman accepts the Ray Bradbury Award. I presented the Andre Norton Award for Young Adult Science Fiction and Fantasy, accepted this year by the fabulous Delia Sherman.


Enchanted was selected at the Just Jared Jr. (JJJ) Book Club Pick for May! I am so incredibly honored to be gracing the same web pages as Miley Cyrus. SCORE.

WHY YOU SHOULD READ IT? “Enchanted” is more than just boy-meets-girl, they fall in love and then the happily ever after comes. It’s more. It’s The Frog Prince with a twist, looping in Cinderella and Jack and the Beanstalk into it’s main storyline — plus some others you might recognize. All of them just work with Ms. Kontis’ writing and it’s hard to put the novel down.


The podcasters at Slice of Sci Fi read my essay about Enchanted on John Scalzi’s The Big Idea and mentioned it in their recent podcast here. Hooray!


Katy Manck, MLS, has posted a very thoughtful review of Enchanted over at BooksYALove:

Will Rumbold find Sunday among all the people at the ball? Will Sunday recognize Rumbold out of his froggy skin? Will the Prince or the King choose a bride at the ball? This bright-and-dark story about family, loyalty, and love in an Enchanted  land reminds us that even the simplest fairy tales and nursery rhymes can carry the power of mighty words.


Bloggess Extraordinaire Grace Fonesca (who was lucky enough to witness my performance with Katy Kellgren at Lady Jane’s Salon firsthand), bought Enchanted after the readong, devowered it, and said some very nice things in a 5-heart review over at Books of Love.

This book at the end was like a pure-adrenaline rush. So many things that make you go wow, OMG moments, sadness, love, celebration and in the end, embracing the person that makes you the happiest in the world.


In possibly my favorite pull-quote so far, Natalia over at Dazzling Reads says of Enchanted: “Readers are doomed to a happy reading.”

Enchanted by Alethea Kontis is a beautiful story that everyone should read. This is a tale that will make you feel like a child again. It will makes you believe that, for 305 pages, rainbows’ pot of gold and leprechauns are real. That spells, faeries and magic beans are real. And that maybe somewhere, an enchanted prince is waiting for you on a well.



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Music Monday (Fairy Tale Edition)

Every Monday while I’m on book tour for Enchanted, I’m going to share a fun music video that features love, fairy tales, magic, or my inspirations.

Today’s song is, appropriately, “The Frog Prince” by Keane.

Several years ago I was looking for a new CD at the HMV in London, and a random woman handed me Keane’s Hopes and Fears album. “You will love every song on this,” she told me. She wasn’t wrong. Under the Iron Sea, Keane’s sophomore effort, wasn’t as popular in the US, but it has some of my favorite songs on it. Like this one.

An old fairytale told me
The simple heart will be prized again
A toad will be our king
And ugly ogres are heroes…

I can’t find an official video for “The Frog Prince,” but here’s a fun fan-made one featuring a collage of great pictures of the band.

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Princess Alethea’s Magical Elixir

New reviews are up at Intergalactic Medicine Show!

I’m off for the next two months while on book tour — in the meantime, my review column will be usurped by my dear friend and fellow Codexian Jamie Todd Rubin. I for one am really looking forward to his reviews–which have a decidedly more sci-fi flavor. I’m hoping that after the tour, Jamie will stick around to be a co-reviewer…

Title: The Vicious Deep
Author: Zoraida Córdova
EAN: 9781402265105

Zoraida Córdova is one of those impossible beautiful young women, the kind you keep glancing at to make sure she’s really still there, and not just a figment of your imagination. When she read from her debut novel The Vicious Deep at Lady Jane’s Salon this month, I expected from the title that the content would be dark and angry and thick. But the scene she began to read was in the startlingly light and honest voice of a handsome teenage lifeguard on Coney Island . . .who has just discovered that he’s a merman.

And Tristan Hart isn’t just any old merman – he’s the grandson of the Sea King, and heir to the throne. Tristan’s gorgeous, red-haired mother, Maia, was the Sea King’s eldest daughter who fell in love with a human and traded in her fins for a life on land. It’s hard to force Disney’s “The Little Mermaid” out of your mind when reading – it’s almost a continuing tale, as if Ariel and Eric had a son, and this is his story… (Read more)


Title: Wuftoom
Author: Mary G. Thompson
EAN: 9780547637242

Mary G. Thompson and I are book twins: our debut titles released on the exact same day (May 8, 2012) from the exact same publisher (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt). We were also scheduled to appear on the same panel at Books of Wonder the weekend before our release date (along with David Macinnis Gill, Paolo Bacigalupi, Galaxy Craze, Kat Klimo, and Elizabeth Norris) to chat about young adult fantasy and science fiction. I thought it only fitting that I acquire her book from our publisher (which is a magical power book twinsies can perform before release dates) and read it.

I had no idea what I was getting into. But then, I had no idea what a Wuftoom was. Where Vicious Deep was deceptively delightful, Wuftoom brought the dark, in spades. (Read more)



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Anthology Builder Interview

Anthology Bulder is this really cool website, created several years ago by my friend & fellow Codexian Nancy Fulda.

For only $14.95, you can create your own anthology from a vast archive of previously published stories form your favorite authors…or authors you’d like to try out. Going to a convention? Create a custom anthology of guests who will be there and get them to sign it…like Nancy did for Nebula Awards Weekend this year.

It’s the Mixed CD of print-on-demand short story collections. And the best part? Every time you choose an author’s story, they get a royalty.

I have enough short stories on Anthology Builder to even have a small, little-known collection of my own — Magic and Monsters.

But my stories crop up on other Tables of Contents from time to time — most recently, my infamous vampire little mermaid story “Blood and Water” (with pirates!) was included in the featured anthology From the Shadows.

Jim Fox asked me a few brief questions about the story (and a few other fun tidbits) to post over on the Anthology Builder blog.

Do be sure to click on over and drop by…especially if you don’t know what Charlie’s real name is…

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Treasures Abound!

I’m over at Treasured Tales for Young Adults again today–wait, did I ever leave? Maybe I’ve been lurking in the corners all this time! You never know!

We magical princesses are like that.

Today is special, however, because Alishia is posting another EXCLUSIVE DELETED SCENE from Enchanted, read by yours truly, all dressed up, on YouTube.

What are you waiting for?? CLICK HERE NOW.

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