Thieftess Triumphant

Mom reminded me that I need to give you guys the direct link to my YouTube Channel:

This summer I will be performing excerpts and deleted scenes from ENCHANTED–they will debut on various sites throughout the blog tour, but if you are subscribed to my channel, you should get them emailed directly to you as they are updated.

[Also, yes, I get a tiny kickback from the advertisers for every clip you watch. Thank you in advance!]

Want to know why my YouTube user name is “Thieftess”? Why, the answer’s been in the FAQs the whole time! You should go check it out.

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  1. Summerdawn Gayhart Says:

    I fell in love with your Arilland books and was wondering when Thieftess, Fated, Endless and Countenance will be coming out. As well as Trix and thw Golden Girl?
    I can’t get enough of these books.
    Summerdawn Gayhart

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