Adam Ezra’s ENCHANTED Easter Egg

If you’re one of those folks who likes to know little background DVD-extras for novels, this one’s for you.

At the end of the acknowledgments for ENCHANTED, I thank the Adam Ezra Group because I wrote most of the acknowledgements while waiting for their show to start at the 8×10 club in Baltimore, MD. I told the guys that I’d write them into the book — they probably thought I was joking. But no!

As it turns out, the show had a pretty small audience, but those who were there were pretty big fans. Along with some New York Times bestselling princess, there was a professional photographer, and Joe stumbled on these videos of some of the songs on YouTube the other day. The sound quality is even pretty darn good. It’s fabulous that I will always be able to go back to that show and relive that moment in my life.

You, too, can finish reading Enchanted and then click on these videos for the full experience.

“Burn Brightly”

“Miss Hallelujah”

“Eddie Whistles”

3 Responses to “Adam Ezra’s ENCHANTED Easter Egg”

  1. Sandaura Says:

    Hi Alethea!

    I love your reviews of AEG – super that you’ve included them in your book!!! <3 They deserve it – And thanks for posting the vids. There are so many of us who love their music, their vibe and their unending generosity…!


    [website being update]

  2. Princess Alethea Says:

    Thanks, Sandaura!
    Those boys are pretty easy to love. And fabulous musicians to boot! xox

  3. Mark Says:

    Love it! Hadn’t heard of this book before now, but I may have to it even if just for page 308 =)

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