RIP Colin Harvey

I honestly don’t know what to say. No one from the Codex Writers has ever died before. I’ve been in shock since I woke up this morning and saw all the Tweets and thought groggily, “I know that name. He’s a movie star, isn’t he? Movie stars are named Colin.”

Our Colin was a star, all right. I hope he’s finally taking that trip to Mars he always dreamed about.

I just sifted through my inbox. We’d exchanged emails in December, chatting about the benefits of selling short stories to anthologies versus stand-alone magazines. We talked again in May when I asked him to participate in the Month of Writers interviews I set up, inspired by Codex. Here’s is his interview.

I never got to meet Colin in person, and now I never will. That is my loss.

He was too young for this–but my friends are too young to die at any age.

I don’t know what else to say. This is just weird. And horrible. I don’t even want to hit the “Publish” button, like somehow I can make it not true anymore.

My heart goes out to his family. My heart goes out to all of you who have Colin in your thoughts today.

Love you guys. xox

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  1. C.C. Finlay Says:

    Holy crap – what happened?!

    Colin came all the way from the UK to attend the ConText writers workshop one year when I was teaching. We traded emails a few times and I blurbed one of his SF novels. To me he was a “younger writer,” one of the folks I expected to be around long after me. I’m just stunned.

  2. Princess Alethea Says:

    Massive stroke. He was here, and then he just wasn’t. *hugs*

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