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Title: The Winds of Khalakovo
Author: Bradley P. Beaulieu
EAN: 978-1-59780-218-5

If your reading habits are anything like mine, difficult pronunciation in a book can be a real turn off. If I scan down a book’s jacket and find that the main characters’ names are long strings of apostrophes and consonants, nine times out of ten I’ll put it right back on the shelf and move on. This is not the case for all books, of course — I shudder to think who would I be right now if I had never picked up Lloyd Alexander’s Chronicles of Prydain, but discussion over the pronunciation of “Eilonwy” often kept my best friend and me awake into the wee hours.

From the very front cover (the author’s last name is pronounced “bowl-yer”), The Winds of Khalakovo can appear daunting — so I will tell you right away that this is an excellent, epic, Russian-based fantasy about airships and elemental spirits… (Read more)


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  1. Brad Beaulieu Says:

    You know, Lee, I feel rather odd commenting on your review–somehow it feels like I’m buttering you up after the fact–but I did want to thank you for taking the time to both read and review Winds. I’m not “thanking you” for the wonderful review, because I think that’s crossing the line, but I’m terribly pleased that you enjoyed it. (I’m also wondering if I shouldn’t have included a primer at the front of the book. I feel like such a slacker compared to Tolkien with his volumes of appendices…)

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