Happy Birthday, Pig!

Tracy just pointed out that today was also Pig’s birthday from Pearls Before Swine!

This is super special and awesome to me — you might remember, I’m a big fan of Stephan Pastis. He’s a super nice and crazy fun guy. He’s also a Talented Capricorn of Greek Descent — his birthday’s later this week. Some of you might remember the YouTube video I made for his birthday last year, starring the cast of Pearls Before Swine. I just watched it again. It’s still silly and fabulous and I’m so glad I did it.

I have always been jealous that Soteria shared a birthday with Garfield the Cat (June 19th). Now I don’t have to be jealous ANY MORE. Thank you, Stephan!!

3 Responses to “Happy Birthday, Pig!”

  1. Kitti Says:

    I didn’t know Garfield had a birthday of his own!

  2. cherie priest Says:

    Hay beautiful! Dear Ms Princess Alethea, I suck and have been gone for almost two full days and did not get a chance to acquire or wear a tiara. GREAT IS MY WOE.

    I will buy you drinks next time I see you.

    And happy birthday 🙂

  3. Princess Alethea Says:

    @Cherie — I love you, and you’re totally on.

    @Kitti — Truth! The Garfield strip first launched June 19, 1978, the day my sister was born. He’s always complaining about getting older right around his birthday.

    BTW – I emailed Stephan to thank him for making Pig’s birthday my birthday. He said he’d be sure to remember it in the future now that he’s set the date!

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