This Is Your Child On Reality.

Lee: (at a birthday party Sunday, dancing around with a butterfly wand) I’m a fairy!

Kaitlyn: (pictured) You’re not a fairy. You don’t have a dress on.

Lee: Maybe it’s Halloween and I’m in disguise!

Kaitlyn: It’s not Halloween.

Lee: Maybe it is in Fairy Land!

Kaitlyn: This is not Fairy Land.

Lee: (Stops dancing. Hands over the wand and walks away pouting.)

5 Responses to “This Is Your Child On Reality.”

  1. Fran Friel Says:

    OUCH! A drive-by joy killing. Thank goodness she has Auntie Lee to keep her wings sparking.

  2. Jusy Says:

    🙂 She found a way to get the wand from you.

  3. Princess Alethea Says:

    I totally considered that. Which makes her cruel AND an evil mastermind. I should maybe warn her parents?

  4. Lesley Says:

    Yeah, kids are conversation masterminds. They can convince you the sky is orange, just because they utterly believe that they are right. My kids do it to me all the time.

  5. Pablo Scruggs Says:

    We cast the net wide and not all can hide. The good the bad the happy the sad…
    It’s a crap shoot to see who will fall between the cracks and who will rise to the occasion.
    To see and to know is the be enriched with opportunity, we can prepare accordingly.
    Next time NEXT time there is always a next time and time gives us the tools to prepare

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