When Darts Go Bad

It all started when Dickie told Della that he’d buy her a bottle of Kraken Rum (you should totally check out their website) if she shot Joe in the butt with a dart…

That’s my girl.

4 Responses to “When Darts Go Bad”

  1. Della Says:

    I am made of cute and evil, but you already knew this. xoxo

  2. Mom Kontis Says:

    Cute and Evil and anything for a bottle of Rum! That’s our Della! He probably deserved it anyway.

  3. Ron Dickie Says:

    He DID deserve it! And Della totally earned that bottle of rum. =)

  4. Della Says:

    I think it’s accurate to say ‘anything for a dare, photo-op and a laugh’, it was just a bonus that a bottle of rum was involved. =)

    He did deserve it even if not immediately, he WOULD have done something to deserve it so it was a preemptive dart in the butt.

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