So Full of It


Lee: So is “Chock Full o’Nuts” just nuts, or is it something with nuts?

Della: There are no nuts at all in it. It’s coffee.

Lee: Is it made with nuts?

Della: No.

Lee: Does it taste like nuts?

Della: Nope.

Lee: Then why is it “Chock Full?”

Della: I keep meaning to Google it and find out.

Lee: Hmm. I should blog about that.

Della: Yup.

8 Responses to “So Full of It”

  1. Ron Dickie Says:

    What a complicated life you two lead. 😉

  2. Princess Alethea Says:

    Shut up you miss us. :-p

  3. Della Says:

    Oh Dickie, don’t be jealous.

    <3 you Lee.

  4. Ron Dickie Says:

    It’s true. I do. And I am. =)

  5. ada Says:

    While, y’all were yackin’ I did google it and find out. Chock Full of Nuts started out as a bunch of stores selling nuts and then they switched to selling coffee during the Great Depression because shelled nuts were too much of a luxury. It’s all here in the official Chock Full of Nuts History:

  6. Princess Alethea Says:

    Ada, this is why I love you.

  7. ada Says:


  8. Amy Says:


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