Red Qweens & Free Cookies!


That’s right, York PA’s FIRST FRIDAY event this March 5th will be featuring some spectacular events (see a complete list here), including special appearances at the York Emporium by local poet Barbara DeCesare and yours truly Princess Alethea Kontis! We will be “performing” this night…and I happen to have an almost-finished copy of AlphaOops: H is for Halloween
…so who knows where the mayhem will take us!

ConfectionatelyYours also needs your help deciding on their next cookie — the presence of your honorable taste buds has been requested.

Here’s an awesome Facebook Event page if you’re the sort who’d like to RSVP in order to keep a reminder on your calendar! (And in case you’re interested in going to see Alice in Wonderland afterward…)

And look! Here’s a really sweet flyer in case you’re the sort who likes to print things out in Technicolor and then slap them on people’s windshields…or just slap people with them!

The York Emporium is located at:
343 West Market Street
York, PA, 17401

See you there!

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The Butterflies In My Stomach Were Blue That Night

Once at Mo*Con, I drew millions of stars to keep from bursting into church giggles (my cohorts know who they are). So when five minutes drags on into an hour and there’s no shutting the brain up, there’s only one solution: Butterflies.

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Keep The Car Running

It seems my Alien Invasion dreams motivated me to hit the ground running the second I got out of bed this morning. It’s certainly not a bad thing, I suppose…but I’m kind of glad I don’t get to pick which dreams I have. I certainly don’t want that one *every* night.

I should be caught up on my emails now — if I owe you something and haven’t gotten back to you, please drop me a line and nudge me. I am not, however, caught up on my reviews or Chapter 12, and the bananas on the counter desperately need to be made into bread and I desperately need to take a shower and GET DRESSED. Which I’m now going o do. In that order. Starting with the bananas.

The aliens can have me…but they’re going to have to catch me first!

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Red Candy Sale

If you haven’t gotten your fill of Valentine’s Day candy on sale yet, well, that’s nobody’s fault but your own. Lucky for you, Easter’s just around the corner, with a significantly smaller proportion of Red Dye Number Five.

I had a lovely Valentine’s Day, thank you, in no small part because of my father. I don’t remember when the tradition started, but I remember waking up for school on Valentine’s Day and coming downstairs to find a silly little present on the island in the kitchen. It might have been a flower or a card or a bag of candy or a teddy bear stuffed into a coffee mug with a bag full of candy AND a card (with a flower on it), but there was always something and it was always from my daddy.

The best part is that this tradition has continued beyond our formative years into the time when we can tell the world how much we appreciate this small, silly, not-so-insignificant thing. Last year, Dad sent all his girls (there are three of us, plus my mom) a  big heart (pictured here) and an original poem for each one of us. This year was a bit of a blast from the past — a little panda teddy bear in a giant red coffee mug with sweet kissy expressions all over it. (Which means IN NO WAY can anyone mistake this one for theirs!) There was a poem enclosed this year too:

Her direction?

Keeps you guessin’

Where she’ll stay?

She finds a way.

What she’ll do?

Surprises you.

Thinks she’s beat?

Lands on her feet.

Amazing, huh?


Yes, folks, my father actually took the time to find a rhyme for my name. And if that’s not real love I don’t know what is. For me, Valentine’s Day is far more than just a cheesy Hallmark-created luvfest. For me, Valentine’s Day is Father’s Day.

Coincidentally, where last year’s Valentine’s Day had me on the front page of the Living Well section of the Murfreesboro paper and leading a teen-oriented paranormal romance discussion at the Bleeding Hearts Club, This year’s Valentine’s Day culminated in a FANTASTIC (and exceptionally long) interview with Greg Hall of The Funky Werepig. We had a lovely date, laughed a lot, covered an AMAZING amount of ground (yes, we probably talked about you), and sang.

That’s right, Greg made me sing. And it’s here for all time on the internet, if you want to have a listen. Turn it on and clean out that junk drawer you’ve been meaning to tackle — the interview clocks in at about 2 hours (including the 30-minute afterparty), so it is not for the faint of heart (or the exceptionally busy). And while the Werepig is usually For Mature Audiences Only, I’d rate our date at about a PG-13. As always, listen at your discretion.

In the meantime, I’m going to go make myself some smiley, kissy-face red coffee. Love you, Dad. xox

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Dear HWA

…your Stoker Award Final Ballot is stupid. I’m not saying that because I don’t agree with the finalists (although I don’t but I can’t complain about that because I was too busy having a nervous breakdown, fleeing the state, and piecing together the aftermath to think about nominations), but because the method of voting is stupid.

For those of you who are not Active members of the HWA (Horror Writers Association), let me explain: there are three ways to vote for the Stoker Awards. You may:

1.) Choose a first and second place in every category

2.) Abstain from voting in the category

3.) Let the HWA folks know that you don’t believe any work in this category deserves a vote (which smells a lot like option B, but whatever. It’s an option.)

The option you DON’T have is to decide to only vote for ONE item in each category. That’s right — even if you have decided you have a clear winner, you still have to go with a second place pick. This is ridiculous and I’ll tell you why. Because if 13 people pick Jane Doe for 1st place and 13 people pick Stephen King for 1st place and 26 people pick John Schlocky Spamsalot for 2nd place because they recognize his name, guess who has a REALLY good chance of walking away with an award? Have you folks not taken statistics? Look it up.

I’ve notified the HWA. We’ll see if they decide to fix this particular glitch. In the meantime, I honestly can’t place my vote. And that’s a shame.

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Where’s Robin Redbreast When You Need Him?

I’m kind of ready for it to be spring now.

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Some Things Are Just Nice To See

This, for example.

It’s a minor squee for those of us who used to be librarians…and the amazing ones who still are.

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The Knight of Knifty Presents

The weekend that Tomo came to Awesome Porch and brought my Favorite T-shirt ever (“Self-Rescuing Princess”), he also brought me and Gypsy some colored bubbles. Mine are pink. Hers are blue. And while we were lying on a blanket in the snow earlier catching some rays (which is the only way to do it, really), Gypsy jumped up and fetched them. They were GORGEOUS. Observe:

Of course, when we were finished, the area around us looked liked we had killed a unicorn. Those pics still to come.

We’re gonna go throw snowballs at the icicles on the roof now.

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Amanda Says Hi!

Testing out WordPress iPhone photos while we wait for the butt-ton of Chinese food I just ordered.

This blizzard called for Chinese.

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App Testing

Im here in the at& t store with Gypsy and the kids, who are getting new phones before the blizzard. Of course, we still have to do Wal Mart and the grocery store…this ought to be fun! (I’m just glad Gypsy’s driving.).

While I’m waiting I figured I’d download the WordPress app for the phone and give it a test run. So…hello, world! Wish us a safe trip home.

Xox love, the princess

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