Princess = 0, Ice = 1

Kelli & Bob had a meeting early this morning, so it was put upon me to get the little ones up and take them to school. I’ve actually had quite a bit more experience with this than the average non-mom — while in high school, I went over to a friend’s house and got her little sister up for school. The parents went to work early and my bus picked me up long after Heather’s middle school bus…so I got paid to pull Stephanie out of bed every morning, dress her like a rag doll, fix her hair, set her off to school (the bus stop was right outside the house) and watch an episode of Tiny Toons before heading out myself.

Getting C&C up and dressed and fed and out the door? No problem. Kelli took me on a quick run last night to make sure I knew exactly where to go and the typical order of operation. No problem. Piece of cake.

Piece of bleeding armadillo groom’s cake.

We made it up and out the door just fine. Had some chocolate milk, had some laughs, got in the car and scooted off. Dropped the girl child off as told, with a kiss and a hug and a request to learn something fun. Drove around to the boy child’s school with suggestions of stopping at the movies or the arcade or the beach on the way. Pulled up to the curb, got out of the car…and promptly slipped on the ice and fell smack onto the pavement. Right in front of the next drop-off car in the queue.

Smooth, Lee. Real smooth.

Luckily, being young and spry, I hopped up and finished racing to the other door where I pulled the little man out of the car and smooched all over his face before sending him off, only slightly less embarrassed than the Princess who sleeps in the basement.

I noticed the rip in my jeans after I got back into the car.

I noticed the blood when I stopped at the gas station.

Smooth, Lee. Real smooth.

6 Responses to “Princess = 0, Ice = 1”

  1. Dannis Cole Says:

    Sorry to hear about your mishap! I did that once, but went down backwards and my backpack absorbed some of it. Schools are notorious about not clearing ice. In SLC, in 1996, I think, there was a record 2 foot snow in 24 hrs. It was a 5-block walk to my daughter’s school. All the sidewalks were clear — except for the last two blocks –school property. In the office were about 5 other angry parents wondering why the school didn’t close. The secretary said, the superintendent was scared of losing his job. I think he did, next election. I just watched. I worked at Univ of Utah, and they didn’t close, either. When I got there, I spent the day answering phones for employees using their vacation time. Then, they finally closed it and I got a comp day. But, I had to traverse a frozen concrete plaza and two stories worth of steps with just an iron pipe to hold onto. It was caked with ice. I slipped, lost my grip on the pipe, and there I went. But, cartoon-like, I slid to the edge of one step, hit the next and slid, and so on down about most of them. I landed on my feet! No one saw my little miracle. I got past the next obstacle, too, a run of about 5 steps with nothing to hold onto. But, it could’ve been very bad. I was always scared of falling.

    The way that all looks, you should go to the doctor and make sure you didn’t break anything [your finger looks very swollen in the picture, too]. That’s a huge scrape. I think that’s too big for your bandaids. Hope your friend’s coming to take you to the doctor!

    Take care, and I’ll be waiting for your updates.

  2. Princess Alethea Says:

    Oh my gosh, Dannis — you’re a cat! I hope more of those little miracles follow you around!

    I’m totally okay — just a bad scraped knee and a new pair of painting jeans. I took some Advil to thwart the aches & pains tomorrow I’ll inevitably be feeling. I’ll also be sure to never take such an unflattering shot of my finger again. Now it’s worried it looks fat in EVERYTHING. Sheesh. Some phalanges.

  3. MOM Says:

    OH dear! Remembering what it’s like to live in the cold, cold North? Necessity, good, non-slip boots (and they are never cute.)

  4. Princess Alethea Says:

    Yeah, I should have been wearing my Doc Martens. Kelli got me some awesome new shoelaces for them, so I pulled them out of the box. And now they are SUPER CUTE!! (I’ll post a pic later.) I’ll save sneakers for inside the house until Spring. xox

  5. Steven Gould Says:

    Does this abrasion make my fingers look fat?

  6. Princess Alethea Says:

    LOL — exactly!

    Your post is coming soon — “2009: The Year of Steves.”

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