Been feeling a bit like this lately a rainbow caught in a storm.

Also, I’m in the thick of novel revisions/rewrites. Your regularly scheduled blog will return…um…yeah. And it’s not like I’m not constantly on Twitter or anything. I’m still alive and kicking. And beautiful. And caught in a storm…

4 Responses to “Been feeling a bit like this lately”

  1. monrozombi Says:

    isn’t it funny that when our lives become stormy that we end up missing the mundane and ordinary? At least I know i’m finally starting to get back to that normalcy

  2. admin Says:

    The girl who leads a stormy life treasures silence.

  3. monrozombi Says:

    hehehe, I gotta write this stuff down lol. I think a trip up to PA is in order…before January, if I were a doctor i’d prescribe it

  4. admin Says:

    I’m telling ya, I should really make my own line of fortune cookies.

    I WISH I could come to PA again before January, but according to my sad lack of vacation time (and the lovely people in HR), i just can’t.

    But hey, January will be here–and you and I will be a lot older–before you know it. xox

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