Horrorfind Weekend 2009

I’m home, finally, and I have got to get to bed. Tomorrow expect lots of updates and tons of pictures. In the meantime, please enjoy the BEST PICTURE OF THE WEEKEND, which I believe epitomizes everything about Horrorfind.

What would YOU caption this?

19 Responses to “Horrorfind Weekend 2009”

  1. viereckschanze Says:

    Speak, friend, and enter.


  2. admin Says:


  3. lori316 Says:

    I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!!!!!!

  4. lori316 Says:

    Here Kitty Kitty!

  5. viereckschanze Says:

    Oh, that’s awesome. 🙂


  6. readingthedark Says:

    “If you really want to it’s okay, but I think it’ll hurt enough that I should visit the bathroom first.”

    “Fine. I’ll marry you for your mind too.”

    “Just give me one second to change into my special tango outfit.”

  7. matthewsrotundo Says:

    “Actually, I’ve already had dinner.”

    (No, you didn’t really see this. Move on.)

  8. doryvinett Says:

    Oh, so THAT’S what all the fuss is about!

  9. admin Says:


  10. bev_vincent Says:

    Check, please!

  11. admin Says:


  12. shsilver Says:

    This isn’t how I normally perform examinations.

  13. lrainey Says:

    Geek loses opportunity to get laid by explaining that “actually the stormtroopers were not all the same…there were 4 different weapons types and, blah, blah, blah”

  14. admin Says:

    You say it like you’ve heard that line before…

  15. wyjoe Says:

    Oh! Sop those legs go all the way up.

  16. darkerblogistan Says:

    What goes up, must go down.

  17. admin Says:


  18. erickgriffin Says:

    Opportunity Lost?

  19. madwriter Says:

    “You’re so hot you make me sexist!”

    (Stolen shamelessly from Flight of the Conchords.)

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