Fake Eyelashes Are Cool

I am so ready for Dragon*Con.

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  1. ron_dickie Says:

    A little warning when you are going to post that much pretty at once would be nice. I damn near fell out of my chair!

  2. admin Says:


  3. nihilistic_kid Says:

    Knock ’em dead.

  4. admin Says:

    I’m resisting the urge to dye my hair black now too.

  5. therinth Says:

    Don’t. Do, and take pictures! (Also, explain to me your magnificent smudging technique!)

  6. admin Says:

    There’s a particular brush to use, and a particular way to hold it. The girls even complimented me on ho easily I picked up the technique, and told me horror stories about customers who tried to repeat what they did while in this store and failed miserably.

  7. nick_kaufmann Says:

    More like Eyelash*Con! SNAP!

    Okay, I don’t even know what that means, but the lashes look good.

  8. admin Says:

    We’ll see how good they look after *I* practice putting them on a few times.

  9. timwb Says:

    You don’t know me; I’m a friend of Lawrence’s but…

  10. admin Says:

    AND I’m a vampire slayer.
    I totally kick ass.

  11. countesslovlace Says:

    In spite of you looking so wondermous, I am still planning to bring my husband to the Codex dinner. 😉

  12. admin Says:

    I only *really* love my Married Man Fan Club anyway.

  13. wyjoe Says:


    I’m so going to hate missing this.

  14. saraphina_marie Says:

    Totally hawt.

    Lemme know whenyou can meet this week for top hat pick up!

  15. admin Says:

    Can it be this weekend? I don’t know if I’ll have time to get back up into town this week…

  16. saraphina_marie Says:

    Yes, indeed, the weekend would be fabulous!

  17. sevedra Says:

    You look beautiful! Wow. I wear glasses and can’t wear the eyelashes because they brush my lenses. But, those look fantastic on you and your makeup is FLAWLESS

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