What a Deal!

I’m not sure WHAT is on sale…but it’s only 2 for $4!
Any guesses?

10 Responses to “What a Deal!”

  1. daveamongus Says:

    Double Bacon Cheddar (R on the end fell down to the next line)
    Double Buffalo Chicken

    I think.

  2. admin Says: guys actually tried to decipher it for real.
    I was left wondering about Buffalors and Hickens, and whether they were vegetarian. Or local. Or in season.

  3. daveamongus Says:

    Well, come to think of it, isn’t “hicken” the Southern past participle of hickey?

  4. leannarenee Says:


    Wow, that’s just NOT how you spell that Ibsen play about a woman’s suicide… But hey, she’s cheap!

  5. admin Says:

    Re: Uh…


  6. mrsellars Says:

    Double Bacon Cheddar or Double Buffalo Chicken

  7. pabba Says:

    Diablo n’ Hedda, all the rage with the kids these days!

  8. admin Says:

    Good thing they have TWIN drive-thrus!!!

  9. klingonguy Says:

    Damn. I was hoping somehow it was a really big sale for Buffalito Destiny.


  10. madwriter Says:

    I don’t like their restricting my freedom of fast food eating, that I can only get buffals or hickens but not both.

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