My Very First Fiction Podcast!

There’s a new Apex Magazine out, featuring a new Beauty & Dynamite essay ("Here Lies an Era"), and me reading my flash fiction horror short "Foiled." (run time: 3:08)

It’s my first time, but I hope to do a lot more readings in the future. Let me know what you think!

3 Responses to “My Very First Fiction Podcast!”

  1. wyjoe Says:

    That last Kubla was the most bizarre experience. A guy—not a con-goer—got thrown out a second floor window. A line used several times suggested that the hotel needed remodeling, starting with dynamite. For all that Ken threw a pretty good con. I heard a lot of Ken Moore stories. He could sleep so soundly that makeup could be applied to him—and was done so on more than one occasion. He went to take a shower and woke up Allen Steele, who was sleeping in the tub at the time.

    I’m glad to have known him, and I’m sorry he’s gone.

  2. admin Says:

    Ha! Everybody always jokes about sleeping in the bathtub at cons…that’s awesome.

  3. leannarenee Says:

    2 things…

    Awesome and Awesome…

    And shit, you made me feel like I knew Ken. Woah. Beautiful obit, however.

    Oh, and I followed that ‘you get all the royalties’ link for Harlan. 🙂 You’re a princess, shouldn’t you always get all the royalties?

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