I Like Flowers

I’ve had a tough couple of weeks. When I found an abandoned bouquet in the trash beside the recycling, I totally empathized. So I rescued out a few blooms and made myself a posey that I fully plan to appreciate for the next three hour of work. It truly is the little things that make life worth living. I’m one of those little things too.

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  1. j_cheney Says:

    Flowers should never go to waste ;o)

  2. admin Says:

    Looking back at this picture, it’s cool to imagine how other people might see this little corner of the office. The “Goddess of All Things” mug with my tiaras & Mardi Gras beads. The wildflower-wallpapered corner where the fish bubbler used to be, and where Kristi’s lamp sits now. The Audiobook Lending Library, and the picture of me stuck to the side of the bookshelf, dressed as The Cat in the Hat and reading to a room full of children. The Dixie Dunbar note taped to the computer screen with the number & email address. And the flowers, of course.

    This picture in so many ways is just SO ME. It strikes me as a little bit of awesome.

  3. j_cheney Says:

    It’s all the things that one didn’t intend to be in a photo that are most revealing ;o)

    The tiaras shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone, though ;o)

  4. smatterings Says:

    Every self-respecting princess should have a Bowl o’ Tiaras.

  5. kelly_swails Says:

    Love it!

  6. cairech Says:

    It’s so pretty! I wish I’d seen it in, uh, in person.

  7. sevedra Says:

    This post tells me what a wonderful person you are. Kind enough to rescue flowers! Such a sweetness moment. I’ll stop stalking around in your lj now, don’t want to alarm you! I am truly looking forward to seeing you at D*C again and getting my book signed. Hope you have a safe trip and a FUN Con experience!

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