Hello, Charlotte!

I am glad that when I booked this flight I paid attention to where I was connecting. If you have a choice, I recommend being stuck in Charlotte.

Here I am enjoying a rocking chair in the sunny atrium!

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Home, Briefly

To sleep, wash, repack, and leave in the am for NY.
I’m dead tired.
But I had a wonderful time.

Gonna be dreaming soon of lying back on the grass & looking up at this sky…

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VoilĂ  le beach

Yeah. I could live here.

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My Father’s Review of Star Trek

"300 years into the future, you’d think someone would have designed a gun that could hit what it was aimed at."
        –George Kontis, 1998 recipient of the George M. Chinn Award for excellence in small arms technology advancement

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Hypericon Panel Schedule

I know you’re all coming to Hypericon, which is so chock full of authors it’s hard to breathe. Just make sure to leave some room on your schedule to see The Princess!

Saturday, June 6 — 2:15
Discussion on creating realistic bad guys and the nature of evil. Is there such a thing as True Evil?

Saturday, June 6 — 4:45
Authors will discuss writing short stories. How are they different from longer fiction? What are they like? Are they worth the trouble?

Reading schedule TK.

I’m looking forward to that villain panel. Muahahahahahahahaha….

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Tomorrow’s Fair Game

For those of you not following along on Twitter & Facebook, I got hit with a pretty serious bout of food poisoning Monday night (thank you Wing Stop, Murfreesboro). I lost about 36 hours to vomiting and blinding fever so I’m now behind on everything: work, laundry, packing for the next trip, posting the pictures of Mo*Con, charging my iPhone… Be sure I’ll be getting on top of all that stuff ASAP. Yesterday might have been lost, but today won’t be.

In the spirit of "Keep Moving Forward", I bring you this classic tidbit from Aztec Camera (thank you, Hugh).

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With friends like these, who needs Con reports?

The first two years I attended Mo*Con, the Machines of the Universe gave me something I didn’t know I needed. This time, it was Kelli Dunlap’s turn. And I helped. You can read her beautiful summary here.

We had fun (as usual), we ate like kings (as usual), I took lots of pictures (as usual)…and then there was the Watermelon Dance. No one is ever going to remember what happened at this convention, simply because I was lucky enough to have a camera and catch Maurice being goofy in his natural habitat. The original video has 200 or so views already, and it hasn’t been up for 24-hours yet.

But the piece de resistance is this remix video by Doug Warrick and Kyle Johnson, the Jay & Silent Bob of the Horror genre (pictured in the background). I snorted my iced tea when I watched this. Please put all drinks down before pressing "PLAY."

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Rain Outside

Sunny inside.
Having a blast at Mo*Con!!

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Tell me, did Venus blow your mind?

I present to you a Geek girl’s brief review of Star Trek 2009:

I cried at the beginning. I cried at the end. Hell, I almost cried when I heard the voice of the computer. I smiled when Grunny yelled at his "stepson," and when Amanda showed up on the bridge. For all my schoolgirl crush on Zachary Quinto, I absolutely wanted to kiss Simon Pegg. And Karl Urban…damn. I clapped and cheered into my empty theater when the credits hit the screen, and stayed in my seat long enough to blow the Roddenberrys a kiss.

Solo or not, I am *so* very glad I saw Star Trek today. I guess I didn’t realize how much I needed that.

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Tea in Space: Pride & Prejudice & Zombies

The time has come! No other intro necessary, really.
Listen to our hilarious discussion here.

The Zombie Chicks

Want more zombie chick fun? Photos are in my Tea in Space picasa album.

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